Student Response System

The student response system for our campus is TurningPoint from TurningTechnologies.  It allows faculty and staff to create interactive PowerPoint presentations, exams, and other assessments.  We are using the newest iteration of the software TurningPoint 5 which combines what was previously two programs into one instead.  Many of its functions have been redesigned so they are easier to understand and use.  

If you have any questions about this software you can visit the Student Response System page for more information or contact the Center for eLearning.

Below is a list of classrooms and labs that have the latest version of TurningPoint 5 installed for classes for the Fall 2013 semester.




Jennett Hall 1111 5.2.1
Jennett Hall 2211 5.2.1
Nevins Hall 1033 5.2.1
Nevins Hall 2041 5.2.1
Nevins Hall 2042 5.2.1
Pound Hall 202 5.2.1
Pound Hall 211 5.2.1
Pound Hall 303 5.2.1
Pound Hall 318 5.2.1
Psychology Building 3212 5.2.1
Science Building 1011 5.2.1
Science Building 1083 5.2.1
Science Building 1085 5.2.1



Last Updated, August 6, 2013