Campus Printing Solution

In July 2012, Xerox Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) were implemented as replacements for the previous Ricoh printing solution. Prior to this change students could only print to one specific printer that would hold their document. The previous solution also required the user to type in his or her username and password with each print job both at the computer and printer.

Xerox MFPs and Follow Me Printing have made the printing process far more efficient and user-friendly. Students can now print to any of the 55 Xerox Student printers on campus from any lab computer. The user can finish typing up a research paper in Odum Library, send it to the printer, and pick it up in North Campus before the next class.

This process has eliminated the lines at the printers and allows students to access their print jobs with the swipe of their VSU 1Card.

Students have the option of using Black & White or Color Xerox printers to suit their media needs.

Instructions for printing to the Xerox MFPs can be found on posters located beside each printer.

These printers are conveniently located in computer labs, food courts, residence halls, and several other accessible areas. For a list of some of these locations see the Classroom Support Computer Lab page.



Last Updated 8/6/13