Commonly asked questions about the technology in classrooms on campus:

Q: What does Classroom Support do?
A: Classroom Support provides repairs and general maintenance for technology in classrooms and labs such as projectors, computers, smart board equipment, printers, microphones, and other audiovisual equipment.

Q: How can I contact you if I need help?
A: You can submit a Service Request via Service Desk, call the IT Help Desk at (229) 245-4357, or visit their location in Odum Library second floor, next to Circulation to speak directly with a Help Desk technician.

Q: What information should I provide Help Desk if I have a problem in a classroom or lab?
A: Please have the Building and Room number where you are having the issue readily available. If it is a computer lab provide the IT numbers for each computer that needs to be checked. Be prepared to give as much detail as you are able when describing the issue(s) you are experiencing. This will allow Classroom Support technicians to handle the issue accurately and with timely service.

Q: How do I print to a computer lab printer?
A: Make sure that you have selected either the Student XEP B&W printer or the Student XEP Color printer. When prompted enter your Active Directory username and click enter.
For detailed instructions follow the Campus Printing Solution Guide.

Q: How do I log in to a computer in a lab?
A: When a computer is first turned on a splash screen appears with the general log in. Click enter or hit the enter key on the keyboard. Traditionally the username contains the initials of the building, underscore, the room number.

Q: Where do I get training for the classroom or super-section equipment?
A:  Information Technology provides a variety of different training classes including those for classrooms and super-sections.  Please go to Training and Communication or contact Sheila Hall our Instructional Technology Specialist at 229-333-7395. 







Last Updated, August 5, 2013