Please note that these steps should be performed at least 1 full business day after you are admitted to the university, as your accounts will not be available until this window has passed.

Step 1: Determining your VSU ID number

Your VSU ID is a unique 9-digit number issued to you upon admission and is located on your physical ID card. You will need this number to retrieve your VSU username and password in the next step. If you do not know your VSU ID number, use the Student ID Lookup Tool and enter the required information to retrieve your ID number.

Step 2: Determining your VSU username and password

Once you have determined your VSU ID number, retrieve your VSU username and set your initial password by using the Password Management Tool.

If you do not know your PIN for logging into Banner for the first time, it will be the same as your password.

Your VSU email address will be the username you retrieved followed by

For example, if we have a student, John Smith, whose username is: jsmith

Then his email address would be:

For help concerning your VSU username or email, you can give us a call at (229) 245 - HELP (4357).

Step 3: Access VSU electronic services

The password you set can be used to access a number of VSU electronic services that you will need to for your classes. Please note that while the password is the same for each of the following services, the username will differ as listed below:

  • Email (Office 365) - Please note that you will need to log in with your full email address as your username. Access email, calendars and contacts.
  • Registration (Banner) - Please note that you will need to log in with the VSU ID number you acquired in step 1 as your user ID. Register for classes, check class schedules and grades, pay fees.
  • Active Directory (Computer Login) - Log into computers in campus computer labs.

Step 4: Connecting to VSU Wireless

Visit our wi-fi connectivity guide for information on accessing the wireless network on your laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. This will allow them to connect to the Internet when you bring them to campus.

If you have entertainment or gaming devices (Roku, Playstation, Xbox, etc.) please use our entertainment device wi-fi guide instead.

  • You will need to know your device's Mac address to register it.
  • Once campus residents have registered their device, they can use it to access Philo TV.

Step 5: Getting assistance

  • For information on additional campus technology, please visit our User Guides and Resources section.
  • To submit a help request, please log into the Technology Services Portal system with your VSU username and password.
  • Likewise, please don't hesitate to contact us if we can assist you in your experience getting started with VSU. Our contact information can be found in the left sidebar.

Step 6: What's next?

Don't forget to return to the Helpdesk's website and click the New User Account Access button again when your classes have started to find out how to gain access to additional services that will be available to you at that time, such as our MyVSU Portal and our BlazeVIEW online course content system!