Interesting Facts Regarding Georgia Identity Theft

In 2012, the Federal Trade Commission stated that Georgia ranked 2nd among all states for complaints of identity theft (compared to 7th in 2008). Of the top cities reporting identity theft-related complaints, Marietta, GA ranked 8th in the nation.

The primary types of reported identity theft were:

Rank Identity Theft Type Complaints Percentage
1 Government Documents or Benefits Fraud 12,725 66%
2 Credit Card Fraud 1,449 8%
3 Phone or Utilities Fraud 1,256 7%
4 Bank Fraud 802 4%
5 Employment-Related Fraud 461 2%
6 Loan Fraud 357 2%
Other 2,523 13%
Attempted Identity Theft 757 4%

Other Nation Wide Data

Other points of interest can be found on the Federal Trade Commision Identity Theft Website