Remote Computer Labs

Being away from campus doesn't mean you have to be without your classroom technology. . .

Faculty and enrolled students can log in to VSU Remote Windows Computer Labs to access campus-licensed software while off-campus. For Mac-specific classes, students should contact their professor for instructions on how to connect remotely.

Restart the remote computer when finished with session.

  • What Software are Available on the Remote Computers

    There are two categories of software available on the remote computers:

    • Standard Applications (No request needed): Microsoft Office 2016/2019, Adobe Acrobat DC/2019, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and IBM SPSS Statistics 25.

    • Specialty Applications: These are licensed applications that may be unique to your course or department (e.g., Finale, MATLAB, Minitab, Spartan, Adobe Premiere/Photoshop using special plugins, and Microsoft Access for those using Mac computers).
      If needed, faculty must request specialty applications.

    The remote computers are running Microsoft Windows operating system only.

  • When are Remote Labs Available

    Labs are available Monday-Sunday, with the following distinctions:

    • Priority Hours: 8am – 4pm EST, Monday-Friday
      If needed, faculty must request priority access for their students. Labs available during this time are equipped with standard applications; AND if requested, specialty applications.

    • Open Access: 4pm – 3am EST, Monday-Friday (No request needed)
    • Open Access: 8am – 3am EST, Saturday and Sunday (No request need/No priority hours)
      Students enrolled in courses that requested specialty labs will still have access to those applications during Open Access time, while all other enrolled students will only have access to standard applications.

    • Each user is allotted 3 hours per log-in session on a first-come; first-served basis.
    • The remote computer automatically restarts after 30 minutes of inactivity.
    • You must restart the remote computer when finished.
    • Computers automatically restart at 3am EST each day.
  • How do I connect to a remote computer lab


    • An internet-connected device (minimum 10 Mbps connection speed) and a mouse and keyboard is recommended
    • Microsoft OneDrive or similar cloud-storage solution (ex. Dropbox, Google Drive) to save your work
    • Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) to securely log in using your VSU credentials


    (Read Detailed Instructions below for Complete Steps)

    1. Install the appropriate Citrix Workspace Agent application on your computer or device. Detailed guide provides links to Citrix application.
    2. Use a web browser such as Chrome to log on to the Citrix Remote Web Portal. You will be prompted for two-factor authentication.
    3. Select the computer lab that is running the software needed for your class.
    4. Log on to the selected Remote Computer.
    5. Restart the Remote Computer when finished.


  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do all VSU students have access to the Remote Computer Labs? Only students enrolled in a current term have access to the remote labs.

    • How will students know about the remote labs access? We will send an email to all active students. Additionally, faculty should advise their students of the service; particularly if they requested priority hours and specialty software.

    • If students only need access to the standard applications after 4pm, do faculty need to request access to a lab? No, active students will be granted access to a lab with the standard applications that is available from 4pm-3am EST, Monday-Friday and 8am-3am EST, Saturday and Sunday.

    • What if a standard application like Adobe Premiere is needed because students home computers do not meet the required hardware specifications for that application? In this case, faculty should request a specialty application for the required software. This ensures your class is assigned to a lab that is optimized to run the needed application.

    • Can a remote lab be used for online instruction during regular business hours? Yes. Faculty should request priority time and list instruction hours and days of the week in the Additional Accommodations area of the form.

    • Will all active students have access to specialty applications? Students will be granted access to a specialty lab only if their instructor submitted a specialty application request. Otherwise, students will have access to a standard applications lab.

  • Need more help?

    If you have followed the guide instructions but still need help connecting:

    Contact VSU Solutions Center during normal business hours.

    Solutions Center logo