Virtual Computer Labs

Being away from campus doesn't mean you have to be without your classroom technology. . .

Enrolled students have virtual access to various campus-licensed software while off-campus. Just remember to RESTART your virtual computer when finished with session.

  • What Software are Available on the Virtual Computers?

    You can access the following campus-licensed software on VSU virtual Microsoft Windows computers:

    • Web Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer
    • Microsoft Office: Excel,Word, Power Point
    • Eclipse
    • jGrasp
    • IBM SPSS Statistics
    • Notepad++

    Access to VSU Mac computers are not available.

  • When are Virtual Computers Available?

    VSU virtual computers are available on a first-come; first-served basis, Monday-Sunday, 24 hours a day:

    • Each user is allotted 3 hours per log-in session.
    • The virtual computer automatically restarts after 30 minutes of inactivity.
    • You must restart the virtual computer when finished.
    • Computers automatically restart at 3am EST each day.
  • How do you connect to a virtual computer?

    You need the following technology:

    • An internet-connected device that has a minimum 10 Mbps connection speed, a mouse and keyboard
    • Microsoft OneDrive or similar cloud-storage solution (ex. Dropbox, Google Drive) to save your work
    • Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) to securely log in using your VSU credentials

    Connect your device to a virtual VSU Windows computer:

    1. Install the appropriate connection application on your computer.

    2. Use a web browser to log on to the virtual portal. You will be prompted for two-factor authentication.

    3. Select the VSU Virtual Lab and then log on.

    4. When finished, restart the virtual computer so it will be ready for the next user.

  • Need more help?

    If you have followed the guide instructions but still need help connecting, Contact VSU Solutions Center during normal business hours.

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