Remote Computer Labs

Being away from campus doesn't mean you have to be without your classroom technology. . .

Beginning Fall 2021, enrolled students will have remote access to various campus-licensed software while off-campus. For Mac-specific classes, students should contact their professor for instructions on how to connect remotely.

  • Important Note

    When finished with your session, restart the remote computer so it will be ready for the next user.
  • What Software are Available on the Remote Computers?

    You can access the following campus-licensed software on VSU remote computers:

    Windows Computer Applications

    • Web Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer
    • Adobe CC Suite
    • Microsoft Office
    • Eclipse
    • jGrasp
    • Second Life Viewer
    • Firestorm
    • Respondus Lockdown Browser
    • IBM SPSS Statistics 25
    • Notepad++
    • AutoCAD

    Mac Computer Applications

    • Adobe CC Suite
    • Microsoft Office
  • When are Remote Computers Available?

    VSU remote computers are available on a first-come; first-served basis, Monday-Sunday, 24 hours a day:

    • Each user is allotted 3 hours per log-in session.
    • The remote computer automatically restarts after 30 minutes of inactivity.
    • You must restart the remote computer when finished.
    • Computers automatically restart at 3am EST each day.
  • How do you connect to a remote computer?

    You need the following technology:

    • An internet-connected device that has a minimum 10 Mbps connection speed, a mouse and keyboard
    • Microsoft OneDrive or similar cloud-storage solution (ex. Dropbox, Google Drive) to save your work
    • Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) to securely log in using your VSU credentials

    Overview of the connection process: 

    1. Install the appropriate connection application on your computer.
    2. Use a web browser to log on to the remote portal. You will be prompted for two-factor authentication.
    3. Select the VSU Remote Lab and then log on.
    4. When finished, restart the remote computer so it will be ready for the next user.

    Here's how to connect your device to a VSU remote computer:

  • Need more help?

    If you have followed the guide instructions but still need help connecting, Contact VSU Solutions Center during normal business hours.

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