About Hallnet

VSU HallNet is currently comprised of over 130 Access Points in over 20 buildings on campus, including all eight residence halls, Ashley Hall, the Education Center, the Life Sciences Building, the University Center, Pound Hall, Powell Hall, Odum Library, and the University Union. Additionally, there is one available in the Bookstore for used for testing Bookstore installed the wireless cards in student owned computers. The 'access points' are fairly small "boxes" that receive the radio signals from the wireless cards. They have been placed in hallway ceilings, attics and elsewhere in an attempt to provide a clear-signal back to the wireless users.

In each building there is at least one enternet switch, each with a 100Mbit fiber-optic uplink. All of these uplinks connect to a 3Com 100Mbit fiber-optic switch, and from there go into our BlueSocket Wireless gateway. The gateway handles the authentication and applies the permissions for the users.

From the BlueSocket, VSU HallNet ties directly into the backbone of the campus network, and from there to PeachNet, Georgia's Educational Network, and then to the global Internet.