Software Recommendations

The following are only recommendations for use on your personal devices. You may use whatever software, free or paid, that best meets your needs. Students, faculty and staff should not need to install software on institutional equipment since this process is centrally managed by Information Technology.

Popular Downloads

Office 365 Microsoft Office
Avast Icon Avast Free

PC & Mac|Android|Guides

*During Avast installation, please be sure to click the Customize Installation link and uncheck SecureLine VPN, as it may cause conflicts with our campus network.

Computer Protection and Recovery

malwarebytes MalwareBytes Antivirus
recuva Recuva File Recovery

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

filezilla FileZilla PC & Mac | Guides
ssh SSH File Transfer PC | Guides

Web Browsers

Internet Explorer

firefox Google chrome
Internet Explorer Firefox Google Chrome
PC   PC | Mac PC & Mac  

Media Players

VideoLan Client quicktime real player
VLC Player

QuickTime Player

Real Player
PC & Mac PC & Mac PC 

Other Software

adobe flash adobe reader java

Mathematica Logo

Adobe Flash Adobe Reader Java Mathemtica
PC & Mac  PC & Mac PC