Configuring 2FA

It is advised to set up 2FA using a desktop computer or laptop. By doing so, you will be able to download and install the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app synchronously on your cell phone or tablet during the setup process if you choose ‘Mobile App’ as your preferred method of contact.

Setting up your Account 

First, at the MyVSU login screen, enter your VSU email address and password > click SIGN IN. You will be prompted automatically to configure your 2FA settings the first time you attempt to log in after your initial enrollment.

Secondly, select your preferred method of contact > click Save. The methods include:

  • Phone Call - Receive a call from Microsoft to enter a PIN (personal identification number).
  • Text Message - Receive a text from Microsoft to reply with a verification code from your cell phone.
  • Mobile App – Receive an ‘Approve or Deny’ notification on your mobile device.

For the phone call and Text Message option, select your country and enter a phone number. You will then be contacted by Microsoft to continue the setup process.

For the Mobile App option, learn more about the Microsoft Authenticator

Finally, establish four (4) security questions by using the drop-down menus to select the Question and typing your response into the associated Answer fields. Then click Continue.