Authenticate using Mobile App

  • What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and How does MS Authenticator Work
  • Install and Setup 2FA with the Authenticator App
  • Use the App to login to MyVSU and OneUSG

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NOTE: It is advised that you complete this process using two devices: a mobile device (i.e., smartphone or tablet) and a secondary device (i.e., desktop computer or laptop). Instructions will vary slightly depending on the device and platform you use.

What's 2FA & How does Microsoft Authenticator Work?


(Existing 2FA users-Want to change your method to the Mobile App?)

Once VSU IT has enrolled your MyVSU, OneUSG, and GeorgiaFIRST accounts into its 2FA system, you will be prompted to set up your verification method upon your next login attempt:

  1. Using a computer/laptop, log in to MyVSU
  2. Select ‘Mobile app’ when asked: “How should we contact you?



On your mobile device:

  1. Install Microsoft Authenticator App for Android, IOS, or Windows.
    Verify Microsoft is the publisher.
  2. Open the app and click the ADD ACCOUNT (+) link. Select Work or school account.          
  3. Scan QR code or manually enter the code:

Scan QR Code - If prompted, click 'Authenticate Me Now' and scan the QR code displayed on your computer screen using your mobile device. (If applicable, press the ‘Scan Barcode’ icon to launch mobile device camera). Press Done to close the QR code screen.

Manually Enter Code - Click the ‘Enter Code Manually’ link on your computer. On your mobile device, enter the provided Code and URL and click Finish.

Close app when your account name and a six-digit code are displayed.   

[Additional Help - Microsoft: Get Started with the App] 


Establish your four security questions to complete the process.


Now that you have completed the 2FA setup, you can begin logging in to your MyVSU, OneUSG, and GeorgiaFIRST accounts more securely:

  1. At the MyVSU, OneUSG and GeorgiaFIRST login screen, enter your username and password and click SIGN IN.
  2. Select ‘Send notification to my mobile app’.
  3. On your mobile device, select Approve or Deny.

Power Save and other device settings may interfere with notification appearing.

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