User Requests

If you are looking for specific information on student data, you first might check the Semester Enrollment Analysis. This contains information summaries by major, credit hours generated, geographic origin, ethnic group, and other related data elements are included in this analysis. You may also access the Enterprises Applications and Reports portal. Our office works with the Registrar’s Office in the preparation of this publication. Some of these reports are available from this web site and from the link above.

If you find that the information that you need is not available through this source, you may make a specific request for information. You may make this directly to the Applications and Analytics team or to the Office that is the caretaker of the data. It is preferred that the request be in the format of email describing all the details of the request.

Request of information will need approval by the appropriate offices that govern the data. The Office of Admissions, Office of the Registrar, etc.

Please allow adequate time for processing all new requests. Certain types of request may already be available and would not require development time, in this case the response would be sooner. If it has to be developed, it would take longer.