EPOS Banner Voice Response / Telephone Information System



  • Register for classes

  • Check class schedule

  • Check real-time balance/fees

  • Choose meal plans

  • Bookstore/Flex credits

  • Check grades

  • Registration

  • Parking Permits

  • Changing Password - select registration information and choose option 3... change your password.

How do I register via telephone?

  • Use any touchtone telephone to dial in from home, office, etc. 229-245-2200

  • Use only a telephone with tone dialing. Phones that make no sound will not work.

  • You will have 15 minutes to complete your call session.

  • **A busy line or no answer on the telephone registration system indicates that all registration lines are in use. 

  • Any system problems that develop from midnight until 8:00am will not be resolved until the next working day. Problems that develop on Saturday or Sunday will not be resolved until the following Monday.

  1. Call the system number: 229-245-2200

  2. When prompted by the system voice, enter your student identification number: Your social security number.

  3. When prompted, enter your six-digit personal identification number.

  4. Press the appropriate option to select a board and meal plan or purchase a parking decal.

  5. Press the appropriate option to add or drop courses. Note: You will be asked to enter a CRN (course request number), previously known as call number. This is now a 5-digit number.

  6. You must confirm your schedule or your registration will not be saved. You will hear this prompt: "When you have completed all entries, press the star (*) key followed by the pound (#) key to return to the menu to confirm your courses."

The following options will be available:

Press...   To... 

1            add a course 

2            drop a course 

3            confirm your courses 

4            check course availability 

5            list your courses 

You must select option 3 to save your registration. The following message will be spoken: "Please hold while your course requests are confirmed". Then, "you are registered for" followed by each course you have entered. Stay on the line until all courses are spoken. You will then hear this message: "If you have completed your registration, press 1. Otherwise, press 2."