Student, Faculty, and Staff Forms

Students, faculty, deans, department heads, and department head secretaries can go to the Office of the Registrar's Forms page for requesting changes to information or requesting access to the Banner system.

Faculty interested in displaying student information or class lists, entering grades, getting student advising information, or lifting advising flags after a student has been advised can do so through the Banner Faculty Self Service System. All the information needed to log in can be retrieved upon request from the Office of the Registrar. Simply click on the Banner WEB Access form.

Deans, department heads, and department head secretaries can click the Internet Native Banner request form for access to Banner Forms (Internet Native Banner Interface).

Students also have access to the Banner Student Self Service system.The student's identification number and password, which is initially set (this is changed) can be used to login. It will be requested that the student changes his/her password once logged in.

In the case of a forgotten password by faculty or students for Banner Self Service, please call the helpdesk at 229-245-4357.