Enterprise Applications and Analytics

Enterprise Applications is comprised of two teams, which include an Academic Administration team (which works with the data residing in the Banner student information system) and a Finance Administration team (which works with the data residing in the Human Resources and Financial systems). Enterprise Applications and Analytics (EAA) is a division of Information Technology. EAA consists of two areas. These areas are Enterprise Applications, and Data Warehouse and Analytics.

Academic Administration

The Academic Administration team provides support for Banner, DegreeWorks and other academic related software, as well as for various campus groups. We work mostly with administrative departments but also support academic departments and occasionally individual students. We work with users to provide access to information. We provide custom reports and application programming. Examples are letter (e-mail) generation and Banner self-service pages.

Finance Administration

The Finance Administration team provides integration and support of enterprise programs and databases. The primary ERPs supported by us are the PeopleSoft Financials system, ADP Human Resources system, the PeopleAdmin system, and the accounts receivable module of the Banner student information system. We also develop and maintain custom applications to support and improve business processes.

Data Warehouse and Analytics

The Data Warehouse and Analytics team provides support for the University Enterprise Data Warehouse and Research Administration System. We combine both interactive applications and ideas with enterprise reporting. This combination provides actionable intelligence by automating business processes, ability to load and store data not currently in ADP or Banner, and online access to data that drives decision-making and student success. The Faculty Portal is an example of the type of interactive applications that our team provides.