Actionable Intelligence: Connecting Faculty and Staff to Information

Actionable Intelligence combines business intelligence, predictive analytics, and application development to produce a data-driven portal to connect faculty and staff to information.


  1. Implement predictive analytics to identify at-risk students

  2. Increase retention and progression rates

  3. Increase pass rate of freshman cohort

  4. Improve and automate communication for early warning and intervention

Measurable Outcomes:

  1. Identify students who are at-risk of not retaining and/or not passing reading-based and mathematics-based courses.

  2. Increase entering freshman's retention and progression rates (in relation to student credit hours earned).

  3. Increase pass rates of freshman cohort's first-year courses.

  4. Develop a two-way communication between faculty and resources centers to provide early warning and intervention efforts to increase student's success at VSU.