Plant Services

Plant Services Department

Manager of Plant Services
Bob Cutlip 

The Plant Services Department provides those services necessary to maintain campus facilities and performs construction services on smaller renovation or remodeling projects that are approved through the Strategic Planning Process. This department is made up of the following sections: work management and central warehouse. 

Work Management Section

Work Management Coordinator
Angelica Williamson


The work management section is responsible for the issuance of routine work orders for maintenance of campus facilities. They also work with plant supervisors to create and implement a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. Routine requests for work should be reported to this section either by telephone or using our work order request form. Use of the web will result in feedback to your request through your e-mail. Please provide all necessary information when using the web to ensure you receive your feedback work order status. Any questions, please contact Michael Knight. Work that involves construction, renovation, or retrofit of facilities should be handled as a project and submitted in the proper format.

Central Warehouse Department

Central Warehouse Manager
Courtney Wilkes


Plant Operations maintains a warehousing operation for storage of materials that are immediately needed for the repair and maintenance of campus facilities. The warehouse provides many services to plant operations workers including the inventory of needed parts and the apparatus for purchase of parts from local vendors. Plant warehousing is responsible for the receipt of all materials and the control of purchases within plant operations. They are integrated with our work management system using networked computers and thus all parts are issued to work orders and charged appropriately to outstanding jobs. Warehousing maintains control of credit card purchases and local vendor purchases using a complex computer program and a system of authorization numbers for these purchases. Departments can purchase materials that are on hand in the Plant Warehouse by submitting the appropriate request form. These materials will be charged back to respective departments at our cost without markup.