Lock Policy & Procedures


To set forth the procedures for Institutional control of locks and to provide departments with procedures for requesting door locks and changes in lock keying. To ensure that security of campus facilities and equipment is maintained.


All locks on campus must be keyed to the Valdosta State University Best Master Key System. Locks in each building must be keyed to their Building Master Key System. Exceptions to this policy must be justified and approved by the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Lock/Key Change Procedures

Department shall:

  • Prepare memorandum outlining work to be done.
  • List the following information on the memorandum.
    • Is request for a new lock or lock change?
    • Building for which new lock or lock change is requested.
    • Room number for which new lock or lock change is requested.
    • Type of lock needed (door lock, desk lock, etc.)
    • Statement as to how new lock is to be cored. (If request is made to core lock off the Grand Master System
      obtain approval of the Vice President for Finance and Administration before sending memorandum)
    • Reason for requesting new locks or changes.
    • Submit Work Order
  • Obtain fund approval and forward request to Key Shop. All requests that involve adding hardware or that falls outside the scope ‘regular maintenance’ will be required to have a funding approval before work will be performed.
  • Advise departments of any special security concerns related to the lock request. Coordinate implementation. Unresolved questions will be brought to the attention of the Key Shop foreman.