Key Policy


To set forth the procedures for Institutional control of keys and to provide procedures for requesting keys. To ensure that the security of campus facilities is maintained through strict accountability for keys issued.


A functional and working key control system enhances campus security. Keys will be issued to faculty and staff on the basis of need, not convenience. Students or part-time employees who require access to campus facility areas must receive keys through a faculty or staff employee. The number of keys issued will be kept to a minimum. All key requests must be submitted via key request form, following the procedures outlined herein. The issuance of campus Grand Master keys will require the approved signature of the Vice President for Finance & Administration.

Terminating employees must return all keys issued in their name to the Key Shop prior to departing the campus. Human Resources must ensure that employees obtain clearance from the Key Shop before they will be allowed to exit the University. There will be a charge for all lost keys as determined by the values placed on the individual keys denoted on the key request form.

Key Issuance Procedures


  • Prepare Valdosta State University Key Request Form, all fields are required. 
  • A Key Request form that is properly filled out, and has obtained correct signatures, may be brought to the Key Shop for key issuance.


  • Receive and review key request from departments requiring secondary approval. Approve or disapprove request. If not approved return with reason for denial to the department where it originated.
  • If approved, sign key request and forward to Key Shop. 


  • When a key request is received, advise any related/concerned parties about any special security concerns related to the key request.
  • The key requester will be required to pick up keys at the Key Shop.
  • Employees must sign for all keys received.

 Key Return Procedures


  • The terminating employee must process through the Key Shop and obtain authorization for clearance as required by Human Resources. 


  • Transferring employees must return all current keys to Key Shop. New keys will be issued as appropriate, following the procedures for issuance of keys. 


  • Housing Office will notify Key Shop of lost keys and charge students appropriately. 


  •  If keys are missing, the individual will make arrangements to pay appropriate charges and bring receipt to Key Shop to obtain signature for final clearance. Appropriate charges are indicated on the original key request form. Advise individuals of lost keys and appropriate charges.


  •  All lost/stolen keys must be reported to the Public Safety Department within 24 hours and a copy of the report forwarded to the Key Shop. If lost keys are returned to Key Shop, Public
    Safety must be notified to clear their reports.


  • Except in the case of emergency, the University Police Department will NOT unlock a building, room, etc. to provide access for an individual who has been locked out. In addition, the Key Shop is not authorized to unlock doors for ANYONE. We have no way of knowing or verifying who should or who should not have access to a particular room or building.
  • Each department is responsible for establishing a procedure for and identifying an individual(s) to contact in the event of a lockout.


The following charges will be billed to the individual employee when keys are lost.

Single Operators




3P Operators


3P Masters                      


Building Masters


Grand Masters                                      


In addition to replacement cost of the key, there may be an additional charge to re-key the affected areas.


  • Creating and maintaining a keying system that provides structure and accountability for occupying campus facilities.
  • Performing all maintenance and repair of university locks and related hardware
  • Fabricating  and issuing keys that will provide access to campus facilities
  • Maintaining current and accurate key records
  • Verifying with VSUPD reports concerning the loss or theft of keys.
  • Protecting the integrity of the University


  • When requesting duplicate keys, the requester must provide proof that he/she still has all original issued key(s).
  • When requesting replacement keys, the requestor must provide a receipt showing that the key was paid for in full before a new replacement key will be issued.
  • All keys are property of the University. All keys are to be returned to key control office under the following conditions 1) termination 2) transferring from one department to another 3) by request of the key control office 4) by request of department head/dean 5) contract ends 6) resignation
  • Students, student employees, temp/casual labor or positions not regarded as permanent and benefited shall not be issued keys for purposes other than residing on campus.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the key holder to be responsible for his/her keys. Keys lost/stolen keys shall be reported immediately. Charges will be incurred by the individual responsible for lost/stolen keys. Keys lost to residential room doors will be rekeyed regardless of the loss circumstances. Housing policy will dictate any costs passed to the resident.
  • Keys may be checked out to venders if a campus representative for the contractor provides proof of need. Keys checked-out to venders shall be returned on the same business day unless authorized by a signed agreement with the campus representative. Circumstances that require a non-employee to have keys over a period of time will require a campus representative to sign for the keys and he/she will be held responsible for their safe return. All contractors and/or vendors requesting keys for a “day” must get them from Plant Operations Workorder Management service desk.
  • Keys checked out on “rings” shall not be removed from the ring for any reason.
  • Keys shall not be duplicated except by the key shop, no exceptions. Disciplinary action may be taken for any case in which a key holder attempts to duplicate any key issued by the Key Shop.
  • Keys shall not be hidden.
  • Keys shall remain in the possession of the key holder at all times.
  • All keys shall be returned to the key control office upon separation from the University.
  • Keys shall not be used to open doors for anyone other than the key holder unless authorized and supervised.
  • Keys shall not be loaned.
  • Keys are to be issued and used for official University business only.
  • Keys will be issued based on the need for access, not for convenience.
  • Keys shall not be used for any purpose other than that in which it was issued.
  • Department heads/Deans are not authorized to approve key requests for areas of campus in which he/she is not responsible.
  • Damaged or broken keys are to be reported to the key control office immediately (or on the next business day)
  • Any keys found should be returned to key control office immediately, if keys are found after regular business hours they should be returned to the Valdosta State University Police Department.
  • The key holder must receive the key directly. 

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