Graduate Faculty List

Deadline for Associate or Full Status Applications:

(Packets must be submitted to the Graduate School by)

September 14, 2012 and February 15, 2013

(Applications for associate or full status are not reviewed during the summer. Apps received after September 14, 2012, will be reviewed in the spring.)

Full and Associate Graduate Faculty List PDF (as of 7/1/2012)

The above list includes names, departments, ranks, appointment dates, renewal dates, and status. Applications for full and associate status are reviewed fall and spring semesters only.

Temporary Graduate Faculty List PDF (as of 10/23/2012)

The above list includes names, ranks, departments, appointment and expiration dates of status granted on a temporary basis (for one year). Requests for temporary status may be submitted at any point in the year - fall, spring, or summer.

Note: The list in the current graduate catalog may differ from the Full/Associate list above due to spring catalog publication deadline. Applications for full or associate status are viewed during fall and spring semesters