Tuition Assistance Program

About the Program 
The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) replaced the Tuition Remission and Reimbursement Program (TRR) effective November 1, 2004. This program was implemented with the Spring Semester 2005. TAP is an employee supplemental educational assistance program. The purpose of TAP is to foster the professional growth and development of its eligible employees.

Visit the USG website to review the full University System of Georgia (USG) policy.

The tuition assistance program is available to full time benefits-eligible employees of the USG who have successfully completed at least six (6) months of employment in a benefits-eligible position, as of the date of the TAP application deadline for the desired academic semester. A full time employee is an employee who has a 1.0 FTE (full time equivalent) work commitment.


  • An employee will be required to go through the regular student admissions process, prior to applying for TAP; and
  • An employee must complete a TAP application for each semester in attendance. Click HERE to obtain form.
  • An employee must register during the designated TAP registration period. Click HERE to obtain schedule.
  • ALL scholarship and grant money awarded to TAP participants is applied to your balance before TAP is applied. TAP is a supplemental benefit and is there to help with costs that are encountered after other payment options are exhausted.

Waiver of Tuition and certain fees

USG policy establishes that an employee who is eligible for Pell Grants must apply his/her Pell Grant monies toward tuition and fees before receiving a TAP waiver. Valdosta State University applies Pell and all other grants and/or scholarship payments to the amount that the TAP benefit would cover. If the grant and/or scholarship funds equal or exceed the TAP potential benefit, then no TAP waiver is applied.

TAP participants are identified as faculty or staff, and, their status as a student is secondary in all considerations, including student fee waivers. The following fees, if applicable, are waived for TAP attendees: tuition, student late registration fee, student technology fee, student health insurance fee, student activity fee, and student athletic/recreation fee. (At VSU, this includes all mandatory student fees.)  Beginning Fall Semester 2013, tuition will be waived at the in-state rate per credit hour established by the Board of Regents. If the tuition is greater than the System-approved in-state tuition amount (for example, online courses or Professional graduate programs), the employee will be responsible for paying the remainder of the tuition cost. Other student fees and charges, as defined by VSU, are not waived for TAP attendees. Such student fees must be paid as required by the course or institution (e.g., transcript, graduation, exam and testing fees, and lab fees).

Participation in the TAP program does not guarantee continued employment with Valdosta State University. Valdosta State University reserves the right to change this program, with or without notice.

Any remaining balance not covered by TAP must be paid by the fee payment deadline to avoid cancellation of course schedule.

For rate information - Bursary Website

Maximum Credits

  • An employee may seek approval to enroll in up to nine (9) academic semester credit hours for each of the three designated semester periods: Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and Summer Semester.

TAP Application Deadlines

  • The following University System of Georgia TAP application deadlines will apply to all University System of Georgia institutions: (If any of these dates fall on a holiday or on a weekend, the application deadline will be the last business day prior to the dates identified.)

    Fall Semester              July 15th 
    Spring Semester          November 15th 
    Summer Semester      April 15th

Valdosta State University TAP Coordinator
Regina Lee
Human Resources
Entrance 5, University Center
Phone: 229-333-5709
Fax: 229-259-5030

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