2014 ICYC Recipients


Card Recipients for January 2014

Rex Devane, Media Center

Rex digitized photographs for a faculty member's family memorial.

Marie Hart, Financial Services

Ms. Hart provided exceptional customer service in answering my numerous questions, providing suggestions, and options. At the conclusion of our call, I was thoroughly informed and able to make educated decisions. Parents welcome and appreciate this type of service.

Michael Holt, Odum Library

Michael went out of his way to help me with my assignment. I came not understanding where to find stuff and left with a clear understanding. Keep up the good work!!

Russell Reese, IT Helpdesk

Russell was incredibly helpful and patient. My laptop was having multiple issues which kept me from doing my work. Russell spent more than two hours with me. It now runs great--Thanks!

Jonathan Klotz, Odum Library Reference

Mr. Klotz distributes a newsletter for me every other week. It's not officially part of his job, yet he has been willing, good-natured and conscientious about helping. I think I may not have expressed how helpful it is to me, that Mr. Klotz has taken responsibility for a rather thankless task. Thank You, Jonathan.

Card Recipients for February 2014

Denise Woodruff, Student Health Services

Going over and above by giving excellent care.

Patrick McElwain, Registrar

As a new employee, I had and continue to have questions concerning Banner and Registration.  Patrick is ALWAYS very helpful and never makes me feel like I am bothering him.  I should have submitted this months ago!

Cathi Storey, Purchasing

I had been trying for a week to get answers to questions and was put in touch with Catherine and received the help I needed immediately and she genuinely sounded glad to help!

Jenny White, Financial Services

Most recently, I needed answers for purchasing questions and although Jenny is in Budgets, not purchasing, she put me in touch with the right person and I received the help I had been trying to find for a week.  Also, on previous occasions, Jenny has come to our office and helped with budget issues and is always very helpful.

Debbie Conrad, Catering

Debbie is always amazing! She has been working with me to get the catering meal in order for the Celebrating 50 years event, and it has not been easy; several changes have been made. Not once did she complain. She makes things very easy.

Kirk Johnson, Student Life Office

We went to the Student Life Office and Kirk greeted us warmly and immediately offered to help us. I found him to be extremely professional and a model of providing exceptional service. His passion and dedication shows. Thank you for your excellent service.

Card Recipients for March 2014

Cecilia, RN, Student Health Center

Very friendly and respectful! She made me feel very comfortable and she took the time to make sure that all of my questions were answered!!!!

Jill Ferrell, Parking and Transportation

Jill worked with IT to help us continue to provide support to the campus. IT has limited resources for moving equipment or providing support across a large campus. Jill helped us identify ways P&T could assist. I appreciate her responsiveness in finding a solution to our challenges.

Kristin Duncan, Health Services

I love coming here not stressed and knowing the staff is super nice! I actually enjoyed my visit today because the nurses are so kind, caring, personal! You guys made my whole day awesome!! I <3 you guys :) Thanks again!!

Cassie Kubicek, Health Services

I love coming here not stressed and knowing the staff is super nice! I actually enjoyed my visit today because the nurses are so kind, caring, personal! You guys made my whole day awesome!! I <3 you guys :) Thanks again!!

Caleshia Jones, Modern and Classical Languages

The student assistant was very helpful and pleasant to me and gave me great information on how to get the proper assistance I needed and whom to speak with about class schedules for returning students. 

Dr. Eric Chambers, Biology

Dr. Chambers has been extremely helpful and thorough when advising his students. Personally, due to his help, I have been able to register for all the classes I needed. He also gave plenty of insight for standardized exam scores, and GPA levels I needed for P.A. (physician's assistant) school.

Card Recipients for April 2014

Tim Brunt, HVAC

For the last year Tim has been working on the AC Unit in Pine Hall 2nd floor. The unit has been sitting in water and Tim has not once ever given up on correcting the issue. He finally succeeded. Goof Job!

Roberto Leal, Media Services

Roberto helped me after his work hours and during work to show me how to edit photos that I needed.

Jill Hohnecker, Housing and Residence Life

You always supports me, RHA, and housing. Whenever I need someone to talk to you are there. You're the best advisor ever! I don’t want you to graduate.

Rex Devane & All Media/Library Staff

Rex and the media center helped class learn and implement 3D printing of instrument ports - did a great job with posters for VSU research conference.

Ryan Hogan, Admissions

Really helped our class (Marine Science) be able to successfully and safely achieve our 9 day field trip over spring break.

Melissa Nolley, Chemistry

Did a great job organizing class trip over spring break -  very helpful with QEP project.


Mrs. Moore Nolley helped to prepare the departmental materials and informational board to use in visitation days.

Michael Holt, Library

Helped my class learn and implement 3D printing.

Alex Malos, Information Technology

While returning from finishing a work order at Bailey Science Center, Mr. Malos observed a couple appearing to be lost. He pulled over his utility cart and asked the couple if they were in need of assistance. The wife of the couple stated that she and her husband were searching for the rededicated converse hall. After some discussion, Mr. Malos figured out that the couple was looking for the psychology building, which replaced converse hall. The couple introduced themselves to Mr. Malos as Mr. and Mrs. Converse, the husband being George Converse, grandson of W. L. Converse. Mr. Malos escorted the couple to the psychology building, in particular to the cornerstone of Converse Hall on display in the front of the psychology building. Mr. Converse was thrilled to see his grandfathers name still clear and legible along with the other trustees of the year 1912. Mr. and Mrs.  Converse desired a photo, but did not have a camera. Mr. Malos offered to take a photo with his smart phone. After taking a photo with Mr. and Mrs. Converse posing with the cornerstone, Mr. Malos showed them the photo to ensure that they were satisfied. Mr. Malos then obtained an email address from the couple and sent the photo.

Giso Abadi, Chemistry

Helped Noycee students during summer 2013 - Helped students in antibiotics class publish textbook.

Holly Wright, Health Promotions

Even though Holly had several large responsibilities in the month of April such as organizing the Take Back the Night Program and Jeans for Justice, she offered to take on additional responsibilities during that month which went over and above her daily responsibilities.

Phillip Bishop, eLearning

Philip consistently  goes above and beyond to make sure our students' needs are met and that facilitation goes as smoothly as possible. We so appreciate everything he does!

Rafiah Jenkins, eLearning

Rafiah is an amazing facilitator for the distance courses! She seems almost clairvoyant at times when changing the cameras and zooming before I even have to ask. I feel the distance students have a richer class experience when she facilitates--and I deeply appreciate her engagement in their learning.

Catherine Storey, Purchasing

Catherine is always to friendly and helpful when assisting with purchasing and PO problems. She takes the time to explain and help others even when she has so much going on with her job. THANK YOU, CATHERINE! :)

Shana Yorkey, Financial Services

Shana made sure that I understood what was going on with a travel reimbursement that I had filed. She was sweet and understanding about the situation; whereas others might not have done so in such a pleasant way. (:

Barbara Thomas, Speech and Hearing Clinic

Every day Ms. Barbara makes the clients in the clinic feel welcome, but she went out of her way to help a certain client by helping her pay her parking violation.

Stephen Manning, Environmental and Occupational Safety

Mr. Manning was very kind to provide feedback on a question to waste containers and waste management.

Melissa Moore Nolley, Chemistry

Mrs. Moore Nolley helped to prepare the departmental materials and informational board to use in visitation days.

Felicia Hilson, Admissions & Recruiting  

After several emails to various departments for a registration issue, Ms. Hilson assisted me immediately upon contacting her. I was able to get the class I needed before deadline and was becoming frustrated. Great Job!

Katrina Hogan, Housing and Residence Life

I was going through some personal things and I had a test that day I went to Ms. Hogan office and she was able to encourage me that even though it's dark right now, I can make through this. Thanks Ms. Hogan.

Amy Williams, ACED College of Education

Professor Williams helped me through a very difficult time in my life. My husband of 32 years wanted a divorce and she took time and prayed for me.

Dr. Richard Carter, Biology

You encouraged me to apply for more graduate schools. You told me that I am great a researcher and that grades are important, but grades aren't everything. You are ALWAYS pouring out your expertise whether realized or unrealized. Dr. Carter is the best professor/advisor/mentor at VSU. 

Lowell Williamson, MRSD

Thank you for being the best supervisor ever! You care about me not only as a student but also as a person. You are so supportive and I'm grateful for everything you have done for me. God truly blessed me when he allowed us to cross paths. You have helped make my student teaching such a valuable learning experience. Thanks again for all you do!

Lynette Lewis, Student Health Services

Today she honestly showed how much she cared by dealing with my concerns in both timely and beyond sufficiency service. And I can't thank her enough. Your work is highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Card Recipients for May 2014

Travis Dular, Central Warehouse

Travis went that extra mile to assist me with an order situation. He was very helpful and patient in getting the matter resolved and moving forward.

Kyle Culpepper, Media Center

I needed help with an Adobe Photoshop assignment and he really helped me with the project, being patient and explaining how to do the various layers for the project.

Anita Ondrusek, MLIS

Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty to give me the push I needed to FINALLY graduate. I can't thank you enough.

Melanie Sainz, COE

Mrs. Sainz has aided me throughout my relationship with her. As a non-traditional students, she was willing to stay after class to aid me. She allowed me when outside of her classroom to take some time away from her to help me understand my assignment better. She was willing to help me with other teachers' assignments. This is my favorite, along with Mrs. Melanie Fuller!

Melanie Fuller, COE

Mrs. Fuller was always willing to listen and she would tell you the truth. She was willing to help you become the best teacher candidate she possibly could. She was always encouraging when I felt like quitting. Mrs. Fuller continued to offer assistance even after I had completed her course work. She is a great asset to VSU!

Dr. Robert Spires, COE

Dr. Spires went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that students understood her expectations. Dr. Spires was willing to stay after class, talk with you over the phone, and took time out even when you were no longer in his class!!

Dr. Lavonna Lovern, Philosophy & Religious Studies

Going above and beyond and looking out for the graduate assistant!

Dr. Jake Jewusiak, English

It was great to see Dr. Jewusiak attending the Odradek Gala and supporting all of the students who contributed.

Dr. Michael Meacham, Sociology

Dr. Meacham, went around the classroom shaking everyone's hand, telling them, he appreciated having them in his class. Out of all my professors, he has been the only one that went out of his way to say thank you. That meant a lot to me, and really made me aware just how much he enjoys teaching. And it only adds to my reason, why I decided to go back to college after 16 yrs, to get a second degree in teaching. Kiddos Dr. Meacham.

Joann Danna, College of Education

Mrs. Danna has gone above and beyond to answer my questions and make me feel at ease in the Educational Leadership program.  I'm very grateful for her guidance and advice thus far!

Dr. Elice Martin, Education

Upon completion of my final report for her class, I was struggling to upload my portfolio for review for several days. Dr. Martin called me personally on a Friday night (always a precious time when people are tired after a long week and ache to spend time with friends and family or just be leisurely). She helped me troubleshot and walked me through the process step-by-step. We got it resolved and had a wonderful conversation. It was such a relief to have her assistance and to have such a wonderful mentor during my Clinical Residency course. Your phone call and reassurance boosted my spirits (that were started to feel very anxious, overwhelmed, and incompetent). Thank you, Dr. Martin.

Jason Brown, Mass Media

Thanks for the tough love! It motivated me to work hard and in turn I enjoyed your class. 

Dr. Nicole Cox, Mass Media

Thank you for all of your excitement and the passion in all that you do. It is apparent to your students how much you care and in turn makes us love coming to class. So Thank You! 

Gwendolyn Williams, Counseling

She truly does a lot of service for my organization, Not only during the organizational time but out side of the organization.

Dr. Theresa Grove, Biology

Thanks for being a great professor, you explained material very well. I've learned way more than I did in my previous biology class. You are very caring when it comes to is students and it is very admirable! Thanks for being a great professor and over all person! Enjoy your break (if you are getting one)!

Dr. Karen Sodowsky, Communication Arts

Dr. Sodowsky was a great mentor to me while I was working toward my master's degree.  She always had to time talk or help me if I had a problem or question.  Many times I would get very frustrated the work load and she would simply say "it is all going to be ok, just hang in there" and I did.  Now I am graduating.  Thank you Dr. Sodowsky for you support and continuous smile.  

Lana Kim, Marriage and Family Therapy

Lana provides timeless and selfless supervision, dedication, and instruction to the students of the program.

Jennifer Lamber-Shute, Marriage and Family Therapy

Jennifer provides timeless and selfless supervision, dedication, and instruction to the students of the program.

Martha Laughlin, Marriage and Family Therapy

Martha provides timeless and selfless supervision, dedication, and instruction to the students of the program.

Kate Warner, Marriage and Family Therapy

Kate provides timeless and selfless supervision, dedication, and instruction to the students of the program.

Jennifer Barfield, English

Mrs. Barfield has changed my life. She is an amazing woman who is very compassionate about what she does, and when she sets her mind to do something, she hits it full force until she obtains it! I have learned so much from her, not only about English but, about life. I am thankful for the time I have had to spend in her class and in her presence and will always look back to remember how pleasant she made my first year at VSU!

Edris Brannen, Foreign Language 

Sra. Brannen always comes to class with a smile on her face and truly wants us to succeed. She gives so much of her heart and it clearly shows. I wish you could bottle whatever she has and give it to all the teachers.


Ms. Brannen always gives 110% to her class. She ends up with more homework than her students. Her heart is in the right place and she's a great teacher. She always made me laugh. She will be remembered fondly.

Carmen Byrd, English

Ms. Byrd was one of the most informative teachers I've ever had. During each class, she was always caring and attentive. I learned more in her English class than I've learned in previous ENGL classes. She is awesome!

Norman Earls, Communications

Mr. Earls showed a remarkable desire to maintain a fair class by ensuring equal opportunity to attain grade points. He has also shown concern for his students by going out of his way to grade assignments.

Dr. Thomas Hochschild, Sociology

Having a professor who truly cares about his students and strives to inspire learning is an amazing thing.  His passion for what he teaches is evident and contagious.  I wouldn't be where I am if I had not taken several classes with Dr. Hochschild.

Dr. Authur Jonas, Chemistry

Dr. Jonas is such an amazing professor.  He cares so much for his students and is always willing to help them. I am glad I got to work with him this last year as an SI for his class because he is nice and caring.

Dr. Fred Knowles, Criminal Justice

Dr. Knowles is not my advisor. However, he has helped to guide me in the right direction for grad school. He made a special trip to inquire about the prerequisites so that I could register for the right classes. In addition, he conferred with another professor to help me get into a class I need. He went above and beyond.

Dr. Chunlei Liu, Math/CS

Dr. Liu has been an excellent teacher, patient to answer questions, diligent to explain what people did not find clear, and enthusiastic about the subject at hand. I have enjoyed his class and look forward to possibly taking another class from him.

Dr. Prafull Shah, Biology

Dr. Shah was always willing to help students in any way. He would answer questions, meet outside of class time and show compassion when the class struggled to learn certain topics. He pushed us to learn the material but was always willing to take more time on certain topics or explain things a different way to help students out. He is a wonderful professor that really cares for his students and their future careers!

Dr. Jules Troyer, Psychology

Dr. Troyer understands I am a 100% disabled veteran. I suffered a traumatic brain injury in Afghanistan and really have a deficit when it comes to fully grasping the material at hand. Dr. Troyer took the extra time to make sure I understood, put in extra time after class to answer my questions so I would not be embarrassed in class and just showed a compassion that is lacked by many higher education professors. Although VSU does an amazing job finding excellent professors, Dr. Troyer put forth enough effort and motivated me to pass her course I believe with a "C" or a few points shy of a "B." I know to many this is not a great thing but for me it is amazing that someone cared enough to help make me successful. Dr. Troyer demonstrated to the entire class a methodology of teaching that truly touched everyone of us. Please recognize Dr. Troyer.

Dr. Jane Whitehead, Foreign Language

Dr. Whitehead has been a remarkable professor at VSU, showing a high level of understanding in her field and demonstrating this in the classroom. She goes out of her way to teach students culture and the interlocking relationship languages have with one another. She also affords students the ability to have great control over their grades whilst promoting understanding of the subject.

Karl Wildman, Fine Arts

He was a lively passionate instructor who wants to see all of his students grow and he always made me feel comfortable about doing my craft.


Laura Wright, Reference Desk at Odum Library

I had a lot of trouble finding information about a particular assessment and this librarian helped me look for information, showed me a database that I was not aware of, walked with me to find a specific print journal within the library and even helped me to use  a microfilm, (since I had never used one before) in order to view the article about the assessment. Her willingness to help and resourceful skills as a reference librarian are invaluable. 

Tim Brunt, HVAC

Installation of reheat coils that resolved the HVAC issue. I cannot say enough of Tim's excellent customer service, response time and knowledge of HVAC systems. Great job Tim!

Dr. Stephanie Hinnershitz, History

Dr. Hinnershitz is always willing to help and goes out of her way to be accommodating. She welcomed questions and took the time to explain. Thank you! 

Dr. Linda Jurczak, Communication Arts

Dr. Jurczak has always gone above and beyond to help her students with whatever they needed help with. She is easy to contact and has such a compassionate and loving heart. She is an exceptional asset to the communication arts department and I am so happy that I have been her advisee and student. She is more than a teacher to me, but a true friend that I can keep for a lifetime. I can go on and on about how much I love her. She is the kind of teacher and friend anyone should get to know! 

Shawn Phippen, Campus Recreation

During an extremely difficult personal time that culminated in battery charges against a family member, Shawn was extremely caring and supportive. I probably would have dropped out completely if not for him counteracting the effect of professors who told me they "don't care why you were absent, if you choose to blow off class that's your business" when I tried explaining I was at the police station during that time filing domestic violence charges.

Dr. Maggie Viverette, Social Equity

Dr. V. is always so willing and patient to listen. I love working with her more than words can explain. She is a great mentor and I absolutely loved interning for her. The care that she has for others amazes me. Her ability to understand others and show love is amazing. She will certainly be someone that I will always keep in touch with. The Office of Social Equity is extremely fortunate to have her there!

Dr. Anna Lane, Mathematics 

Mrs. Lane gave me the hope that I needed to pass Algebra after many prior attempts. She also helped a lot and gave us all some extra credit to help us. I have withdrawn from algebra class 2 times and failed once. I was very timid about Algebra.

Martha Leake, Physics

Dr. Leake is a very good teacher and very friendly. She does a great job teaching and is a very fair teacher. She tries to make sure you are successful. I had her for 2 semesters and she is the best!

Dr. Reynaldo Martinez, Adult and Career Education

Provided mentoring and guidance in updating my dissertation topic to a more relevant topic with greater impact, as well as providing guidance and recommendations for me to create a presentation that was accepted for the 2014 VSU Gulf South Education Conference. I know Dr. Martinez is extremely busy, so for him to take the time to help me, I felt privileged. Dr. Martinez, I truly appreciate your leadership, support, and guidance! Thank you very much!

Michael McGee, Campus Dining

Always smiling and caring. Even called me by name without seeing my card. Personal service. He just moved to catering.

Dr. Gerald Siegrist, Leadership 

Dr. Siegrist treats his students as professionals and encourages them to do their best. He works with the students to ensure that they are successful. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to have his support and guidance on this educational journey. I admire his commitment to his students and the VSU program.

Dr. Sandra Trowell, Mathematics

Dr. Trowell allowed me to finish my test once class time was over she stayed and I was able to finish. she is also always there to help and respond to your questions.

Dr. Carillo Cabello, Modern and Classical Languages

Professor Carrillo goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is very supportive and helpful to all students by making time for everyone when they need him. Thank you!

Dr. Patricia Hinton, ORGL

Dr. Hinton goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is very supportive and helpful to all students by making time for everyone when they need him. Thank you!

Carolyn Gish, Early Childhood Education

After being in the education program for a year now, I have realized that very few people actually care. The amount of effort and support you gave me and my classmates last semester made me feel like you cared about our success. You were there to help us be better in every way we possibly could, not just to look at us as your class responsibility. Even now that you are not one of my instructors, you always do whatever you can to help me. When my sorority sister passed away this semester and I got put in the wrong practicum classroom that same week, I ended up in your office almost in tears. You had a terrible headache and a limited amount of time to help me, but yet you still dropped it all to make sure I was taken care of. You always go that extra mile because you care. I will forever remember that and am so grateful to have someone like you at VSU.

Dr. Myrto Drizou, English

Dr. Drizou attended the Odradek Gala to hear students read their work. It meant a lot to see a teacher supporting the student body and cheering us on.

Dr. Vesta Whisler, Adult & Career Education
Dr. Whisler has been an amazing advisor and resource. She is a motivator, a mentor, and a guide. I could not have done this without her!

Card Recipients for June 2014

Morgan Helen, Legal Affairs

Helen is a joy to work with any time I need assistance from the Office of Legal Affairs! She is knowledgeable, organized, and always the consummate professional. Truly delightful! 

Jamae Flint, Financial Services

Some things happened so that I didn't get my paycheck on time. Jamae was very kind and patient with me as we tried to figure out what went wrong, and was willing to answer all of my questions and was great about letting me know when I would finally get my paycheck. Thanks so much for your patience and for being such a wonderful person!

Marie Hart, Financial Services

Ms. Marie responded to my email in a very timely and professional manner. She also provided me with all the information I needed.

John Crawford, Advancement

John surprised us with coffee and muffins for the office! It was a great way to start the week and we are so thankful he chose to think of us during our busy time!

Cecilia Pierce, Student Health Services

So polite and kind that even being around her made me feel better! I know it is the God within her; feeling better already. :)

Dr. Teresa Doscher, Biology

Dr. Doscher assisted Central Warehouse Services by granting access to a teaching lab during class time, allowing Central Warehouse Services to complete a vital component of the annual asset inventory. She was polite, pleasant, and above all understanding and willing to help.

Ken Smith, Odum Library

A book I requested was promptly ordered and hand delivered.

Eric Goither, Media Services

I had to scan documents for SGA and Eric was extremely helpful. I did not know how to scan to PDF and Eric gladly explained the process, and continued to check my progress while I was there. He kept a smile on his face even when I jammed the printer twice. Excellent Service! Thanks!

Sheila Hall, IT Tier 1 Services Communications

Ms. Hall helped me establish my phone service after I had tried numerous times and failed. She talked with me by phone, email, called others and eventually came to my office in the UC and fixed the problem. She is courteous and professional.

Kyle Culpepper, Media Services

I wanted my student assistants to learn Camtasia to record training videos ad Kyle personally guided us from start to post production. His workshop was really helpful and we appreciate his patience through all of the troubleshooting. Thank so much.

Ben Li, Information Technology

With the implementation of the new VoIP system, we at the Media Center needed something that would work in a heavy hands-on environment. To meet this need to further assist patrons who work at various areas in the Media Center, we need to ensure our headset functioned with the new VoIP phones. For the last month we have had no luck getting a full auto connect with these devices, which stranded our ability to best handle our patron requests. After being informed by others and attempting to resolve the headset auto connect issue ourselves we came to a conclusion to early that our headset would not work for our environment. I decided then to communicate with Ben Li from the IT Helpdesk to seek out a solution. He spent around 30 minutes in our area to further troubleshoot the problem. He placed in an immediate work order to the right people, and before they could come out he used the advice they provided. Although the technique may have been an unconventional one, which explains why we could not have figured it out on our own, IT WORKED ON ALL OF OUR HEADSET DEVICES! Now we can fully use VoIP within our work environment. Thank  you Ben, for your time and effort. You are appreciated. 


Ben demonstrates time and time again a sincere desire to nurture the growth of his staff both students and full time staff. He is very engaged and excited about developing effective and productive staff. I appreciate this level of commitment to his staff, the department and the University.

Marie Hart, Financial Aid

I really did not expect to be one of those stressed out parents because I had handled my financial aid needs during my college days, and thought that I was prepared for anything. Unfortunately, I was stressed for months with the inadequate responses I had been receiving over the past few months from other financial aid representatives. After interacting with Marie Hart over a period of two to three weeks, I had a quick turnaround from that experience. She was able to explain the financial responsibilities of parents and fully explain the loan process while providing useful suggestions. Marie demonstrated professional compassion and great follow up skills. She is an asset to your team for parents who need more than a quick and vague response.

Glenn Blount, Plant Operations

We were wiring two electric screens to a Crestron system when we encountered a problem. I called Glenn who immediately responded by showing up at EDC_1136 to assist us. He could have told us to wait till next week, but he did not. Great Job and Thank You. 

Jennifer Crane, Bookstore

On the very last day to use funds for the fiscal year, our department realized that we needed a large number of folders. I spoke with Jennifer and although it was not her area, she went above and beyond to help me get the items we needed on very short notice.

Haylee Friel, IT Helpdesk

Haylee Friel! What a gal! She helped me when I was trying to get into the Banner and also how to use it. She's someone you would like to have around! I will see her more often, if it's possible. Thanks Haylee!

Kyle Culpeppr, Media Services

Kyle taught a beginner photoshop class that I attended. He is amazing at his job! You can tell that he is obviously advanced in media services but he can explain even the most difficult process (like layering) to the most amateur of participants. I would recommend any of his classes to anyone. Wish they were longer and I had time to take more!

Lt. Tim Yorkey, Employee and Organizational Development

Tim Yorkey is awesome at his job! He makes every class fun yet educational. I took his early morning CPR class and he shared breakfast with us from his office. He really cares about ensuring that his class participants are satisfied, even if it is at 8 AM in the morning!

Card Recipients for July 2014

Brian Anderson, CSS Technical Support Services

Our department has a piece of equipment that is used for swallowing evaluations that has been difficult to hook up to the smart classrooms for class demonstrations.  He went out of his way to adapt the equipment to make it significantly easier to use  for class demonstrations. 

Seth Megow, CONHS

Seth is the Instructional Technology Specialist for the CONHS and he is fantastic. He has a great attitude even though he has a lot of demands for his expertise. He always follows up, is professional and dedicated. 

Susan Jones, Modern and Classical Languages

When we were in need of finding a driver for students who had to get to the Orlando airport for their flight to Ecuador (study abroad program), Ms. Susan Jones offered her help. In order to be able to do it, she had to take one-day course of Defensive Driving and she did it! Then, she had to give another day to drive 7 students to the airport just because of her will to help. Thank you so much, Ms. Jones!! 

Billy Barker, Plant Operations

Friendly, caring service to repair air conditioning and restore pleasant atmosphere in Admissions Office.

Curt Oliva, Plant Operations

Friendly, caring service to repair air conditioning and restore pleasant atmosphere in Admissions Office.

Matthew Mullis, Plant Operations

Friendly, caring service to repair air conditioning and restore pleasant atmosphere in Admissions Office.

Vincent King-Spezzo, eLearning

I was having unusual difficulty posting to BlazeView. I could not figure out what was causing the problem. After unsuccessfully trying to get help from classmates, professors, and the D2L help number, I called the IT Help desk. They directed me to eLearning. I left a message and my call was promptly returned by Vincent Spezzo. He was patient, caring, and really took the time to figure out how to fix the problems I was having. He was able to correct three issues with my computer. I have not had any more problems. His help has relieved some of the stress of this semester!

Dr. Deborah Paine, Middle Grades, Secondary, Reading, and Deaf Education

Dr. Paine is one of the best professors I have had during my time at VSU. I am in my last semester of graduate school and have tremendous responsibilities in my personal life. Her positive attitude, compassion, and encouraging words have helped rejuvenate me and restore my confidence. She stayed after class, into the early evening trying to help me conceptualize and organize my most daunting assignment of the semester. She has truly modeled for me some of the most essential attributes of outstanding teachers, the attributes that set teachers apart from all the rest. As a new teacher, this may be one of the most pivotal lessons I have learned during my teacher education program. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to learn from her; I will be a better teacher as a result!

Kindard Thomas, Technical Support Services

My computer was having a PDF extensions file error. I called the help desk twice and they remoted in however the same problem occurred. Mr. Thomas took the time to research the problem and had the work order completed in 15 minutes. Thank you!

Dr. Karen Acosta, Modern and Classical Languages

I'm taking an online Spanish course this summer. I really needed help in this difficult section, and how things worked out was that my professor (Karen Acosta) needed to help me on July 4th weekend if she was going to help me before a test that included this difficult section and she did! She sat with me for an hour at Atlanta Bread Company to explain it, and was very patient. I very much appreciate her going the extra mile to help me, even on the weekend!

Dr. Roy Krishnendu, Math

Dr. Krishnendu provided excellent service in providing details, instructions & a wonderful learning experience in his camp called "The Computing Adventures @ VSU," the 2014 Camp for children in Elementary & Middle Schools. There are two camps. The first camp is for 6th through 8th grade students which took place in June. He was hands on with all the children the week of June 23 thru June 27th; he even greeted parents & children every morning upon arriving at the drop off location at Nevins Hall. My 7th grade granddaughter loved his camp and said it was the best camp ever! Dr. Roy showed his love & dedication of his field by teaching these young people to create Android Apps & Build Robots. They were teamed in pairs and each pair gave a video recorded demonstration of their Android App design & a live demonstration of their Robots the last day of camp. I know it took a lot of planning and I'm sure a lot of personal time for him and his staff to develop this wonderful camp! The 2nd camp is the week of July 21 -25th and my 4th grade grandson can hardly wait to attend! Over and beyond my expectations. Kudos to Dr. Roy Krishnendu!

Shana Yorkey, Financial Services

On the final day of the fiscal year, Ms. Yorkey spent over an hour straightening out our travel money. She was smart, pleasant, thorough and it was the worst possible day of the year for that department. It was a totally positive experience.

Amanda King-Spezzo, eLearning

Amanda created a test student for me to use in my Live Classroom sessions for my ENGL 8300 online course. Until that point, I was unable to see what my students saw, which made class always interesting. I know this particular task was thrust upon her when she was already swamped. Yet she took the time to complete it almost immediately after I made the request.

Sheila Hall, Information Technology 

Sheila Hall is an exceptional VOIP Orientation instructor. Initially, I was afraid that I’d get confused by the fact that I’d be learning about the use and functionality of 2 different phone models, one which I would probably never use, but Ms. Hall’s strong command of the subject matter and engaging teaching style made the class extremely productive and enjoyable. Very well done Sheila!

Thressea Boyd, Communications

Thressea has provided IT exceptional service over the years. She went above and beyond this month in helping IT promote articles and assist in our mobile app communication plans to the campus.

Ann Elizabeth Olphie, OSPRA

Elizabeth is amazing and did an incredible amount of work to assist us submitting the First in the World grant. She worked throughout the weekend to ensure we met the deadline. Her support was outstanding and VSU is very fortunate to have her. I look forward to working with her on future opportunities. 

Carol Willis, OSPRA

Carol did a great job helping us submit the First in the World Grant. OSPRA has a great team and I look forward to working with them. I appreciate Carol's help and assistance with completing the many documents in just a few days.

Dr. Andreas Lazari, Mathematics

Dr. Lazari took time out of his personal life to hold a study session for Stats. I greatly appreciated that. He is a great instructor, and is passionate about his work and about teaching. He also took time to know us by name and to learn something personal about is. He is genuinely concerned about his students and does all he can to help us succeed. Thanks!

Marie Hart, Financial Aid

Mrs. Hart was very knowledgeable of how everything worked and was very helpful in determining a financial aid plan for me. Also, her knowledge helped to expedite our meetings to fulfillment. She is also a very kind woman, who is genuinely interested in my financial well-being in regards to taking out loans.

Joseph Mitchell, Media Center

Joseph assisted me with turning some narrated PowerPoints into mp4 files. The presentation files would not work and he kept working, talking to e-Learning and experimenting until he fixed all the glitches and my file worked. They were necessary for my class so thank you.

Na Ding, Information Technology

When I emailed Brian about updating Java to the version preferred by ADP, Na phoned for more details. She then walked me through a method to access most all the ADP features I need to handle my employee's payroll -- in a way that bypasses Java. Perfect! Na is knowledgeable, patient, friendly, and I can almost "hear" her smile through the phone.  She definitely deserves a big High 5!

Annon Beepath, Information Technology

Annon has provided excellent support for the data analytics projects at VSU.  These have been very fast paced projects requiring Annon to take on additional tasks in a very short timeframe.  Annon has  been exceptional in solving problems and helping to ensure all deadlines are met.  I appreciate all the effort he is doing to support our university mission.

John Darity, Purchasing

On two occasions this week I was trapped by problems of my own making. Rather than let me drown, John and Cathy Storey went out of their way to get me a purchase order quickly.  Because of their "over the top" assistance, I was able to service the VSU customers in a timely fashion. Well done, and I look forward to working with John and Cathy in the future.

Cathy Storey, Purchasing

On two occasions this week I was trapped by problems of my own making. Rather than let me drown, Cathy and John Darity went out of their way to get me a purchase order quickly.  Because of their "over the top" assistance, I was able to service the VSU customers in a timely fashion. Well done, and I look forward to working with John and Cathy in the future.

Dr. Doug Farwell, Music

Following a campus tour, I brought a prospective student and his mother to the Music Department to see if they could get more information about the programs and opportunities available there. Although this was a drop-in, visit without having made prior contact, Dr. Farwell graciously took the time to meet with them and discuss various options for this student. His willingness to take this time and his whole approach in providing insights into the music offerings here at VSU and preparation for applying to programs here as well as in general made a very positive impression of our University and his department. Dr. Farwell went far beyond what might be expected and made a lasting positive impression that reflects well on his department and VSU. 

Clinton Cauley, Information Technology

Clint went the extra mile to fix a problem with my lab computer and stuck around to make sure the issue was actually taken care of. He is an excellent employee, a very nice guy, and obviously concerned about the needs of his clients!  

Matthew Flannigan, Information Technology 

Originally, Matthew Flannigan was scheduled to fix a problem with the volume on my computer and update virus protection on five of our computers. Matthew graciously went above and beyond the original work order request and spent about one and a half hours updating all of the computers in our building, and some needed more work than others. He was very polite, understanding, and helpful.  I repeatedly apologized because I felt it required too much of his time, but he said it was okay and continued to give his service with a smile. Our computers are now updated and working just fine.  Thank you, Matthew. You are appreciated.

Julia McKissack, GOML

Julia has been a HUGE help to me since I started the Specialist Online Program. She has gone out of her way to help me determine what electives to take; she has helped me with online issues, and she has helped me with professor issues.  Even though I have never met her in person and I probably never will, she has done everything possible to help me succeed in the program. I realize this is part of her job but she has gone above and beyond with every situation. She is dedicated to her position, her students and her school!

Rex Devane, Media Services

Rex's media staff have always been wonderful but when I needed a poster for my final capstone presentation and my new computer was the 13 version and I was used to the 2010 version, he saved my goose!

Shelia Hall, Training and Communications

Sheila is always helpful and supportive to fellow employees and clients. Her services go above and beyond, and she is a great person to work with!

Maranda Guest, Financial Aid

First of all, I would like to thank a Ms. Maranda in your office who was very helpful in assisting me on June 13, 2014. She was very courteous and just a pleasant individual to help make this hard process seem so easy.

Card Recipients for August 2014

Dr. Bonnie Cohen, Nursing

A day before I was supposed to graduate, a problem was noticed on my application. My advisor was not available until Aug. 8 and Dr. Cohen came to my rescue. She worked with the Interium Dean of Nursing to resolve the problem so I could finish with my class! Many thanks!

Patrick McElwain, Registrar

I had to email Patrick several times to resolve issues concerning the English Dept. His replies were always done in a timely fashion with a positive attitude.

Beverly Berry Porter, Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice

Beverly has been such an amazing resource since I stepped onto campus a little over a week ago. On this particular day--despite having a full plate already--she continuously went out of her way to ensure that I was comfortable, fully supported, and ready to begin my first semester on a high note.

Jessica Bowen Deal, Financial Aid

I am currently a student at VSU. I have had such a hassle with getting my financial aid done (all my fault), but each time I have called your office the greeters have been so helpful and so professional. Today I spoke with a young lady by the name of Jessica who was very helpful and gave me hope that I would be able to start classes this fall once everything concerning my financial aid status was updated. Thank you for all that you do!

Marie Hart, Financial Aid

I had a bad experience with the financial aid counselor, in my opinion; she was treating me like a number, refusing to answer my calls. Ms. Hart sent me an email expressing her concerns, updated me on the information my son & I needed. I felt she didn't have to take time out of her busy schedule to give me information that could have given me.

Lavell Chachere, Campus Services

Several classrooms in our building were dusty, dirty, and in disarray from renovations. He and Ms. Marlow came after hours (after working all day in the dorms) and cleaned up and made sure the classrooms and building were ready for a programmatic orientation scheduled here the next day.

Marlene Marlow, Campus Services

Several classrooms in our building were dusty, dirty, and in disarray from renovations. He and Ms. Marlow came after hours (after working all day in the dorms) and cleaned up and made sure the classrooms and building were ready for a programmatic orientation scheduled here the next day.

Mykhael Walker, Information Technology

Myke is a phenomenal employee. He is always there for HR in various capacities; whether its our computers, printers, or passwords, he is always willing to assist our department. He is a wonderful asset to IT.

Amanda Williams, Campus Mail

During one of our busiest fall opening days, a campus mail employee picked up a box of permits by accident, thinking it was original mail. Of course we panicked because students were standing in line to pick up some of those permits that were taken by mistake. I immediately called Campus Mail for assistance. Amanda tracked the mail carrier down and actually went to get the permits and return them back to our office. She was so helpful and reacted immediately and we appreciate her services. VSU Campus Mail Services has always worked well with our department. Thank you Amanda, kudos to you!!!!

Clinton Cauley, Information Technology

This student went above and beyond to provide service. He accomplished the moving of my computer and printer when no one else made any effort to assist. 

Lorrie Proal, Information Technology

Lorrie is exceptional by providing me with excellent customer service. When I have a question about ePro I will send her an email and she reply with no hesitation at all. And I get my answers every time.

Hope Screen, Modern & Classical Languages

Hope always has a smile on her face. She is polite and helpful even when her answer is a no. She is extremely knowledgeable about her department.

Sheri Noviello, CONHS

She is new to the university and deanship, but she has already set positive intentions and a clear direction for the college, and we are excited to see where her leadership takes us. 

Catherine Rebecca Wills, Human Resources

I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for all your help in getting me into the system and with benefits registration. It's folks like you that make this such a great place to be. Hope you have a great week.

Alisha Stabler, Student Union

I was unable to complete the new Zeta chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta's roster and Ms. Stabler helped me almost every day until she was able to solve the problem. This took a lot of her time and much patience. She was an outstanding example of professionalism and courtesy.

Clinton Cauley, Information Technology

Clinton is a wonderful young man.  I caught him in the hallway and he helped to reposition and properly hook up my recently moved computer. He made sure my scanner was working as well as Internet. He went above and beyond!

Jennifer L. Crane, Bookstore

I needed an old text that I wrote to put in a display case and Ms. Crane found it. This happened during the busiest time of the year and I had not used that book for several years. I know it took her extra effort and time, but it was waiting when I arrived. She even remembered my name.  What a professional and thoughtful person. I had written over five people to help me with it, including the publisher and have not heard from any of them. Thank you.

Matthew Flannigan, Information Technology

After delivering and storing computers for the Social Equity staff, Matthew and Sterlin noticed we were having difficulty with assembling our tent. They took the time to stop and help, and we appreciate that immensely!

Sterlin Sanders, Information Technology

After delivering and storing computers for the OSE staff, Sterlin and Matthew noticed we were struggling to assemble our tent. They took the time to provide a much needed helping hand. It was immensely appreciated!

Selencia Holmes, Office of Social Equity
She went above and beyond for me when I was trying to get paperwork for grad school organized. I cannot thank her enough for the time and effort she has put forth for me. It is an absolute pleasure working alongside with her, and for the year that I have known her she has made a HUGE and POSITIVE impact on my life!
Beverly Amiot, Procurement
I was unable to access Works. With one phone call I had access.

Kaylan Hand, Student Employment
Kaylan was asked to organize the SEO's "Bigger Loser "Challenge." Since taking on this task, Kaylan has gone above and beyond her duties of simply organizing the program. We are a fairly lazy office, so exercising is not an easy activity for us to maintain. Kaylan goes well out of her way to keep us motivated and engaged, from early morning texts to reminder messages on Facebook. Collectively, our office has lost over 25 lbs. and it's due mostly to Ms. Hand's hard work. Kaylan is an asset to the Student Employment Office and we are glad that we chose her as our GA.

Jenny White, Financial Services
Jenny is always exceptional her personality is awesome. When I email or call with a question she make sure my question is answer without hesitate.
Ben Meeks, Veteran's Affairs
Ben was extremely helpful and proactive in making sure I was notified in time to get my financial aid paperwork done in a timely manner.

Eric Petersen, Housing & Residence Life
Eric went out of his way to escort a student to the Access Office when she was lost. (Rather than just point it out.) The student was visibly touched by his effort and friendly conversation.

Catherine Rebecca Wills, Human Resources 
I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for all your help in getting me into the system and with benefits registration. It's folks like you that make this such a great place to be. Hope you have a great week.

Card Recipients for September 2014

Anita Bosch, Academic Affairs
I had to make two long trips for presentations and I fouled up the process very badly.  Ms. Bosch went far beyond what I ever expect anyone to do in order to straighten MY mess out and I received the money for which I applied.  She had to have worked very hard on these and contacted me several times to help. She always was friendly and professional.

Joann Bryant, Procurement
Joann is exceptional. She helps me with all my questions. Great personality!

Wes Duke, Information Technology
Mr. Duke was professional, timely and courteous. He made it seem as if the issue was his issue too. Mr. Duke did everything in his power to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, while being kind and humorous and he made no remarks about my messy desk though he was using a lot of hand sanitizer. I appreciate his time and attention.

Kristen Duncan, Student Health Center
She is so nice and caring. She is very down to earth and makes you feel very comfortable. I love her and her caring spirit. I feel safe with Dr. Duncan and never feel judged. She always takes care of me!

Charlotte Foster, Student Health Center
Ms. Charlotte was so nice and gave issues concern that I felt extremely welcomed. She is always so nice and sweet to me! I feel right at home. She explained everything to me and made everything easy for me to understand.


She gave me great customer service, and had a beautiful smile. One of the sweetest people I will ever meet.

Mercedes Holly, Housing-Georgia Hall
I was having a stressful day and this was apparently noticed by Ms. Holly. She slipped a note under my door just saying that she noticed a change in my attitude so she wanted to write a letter to make me feel better. She closes the letter with the following quote, "The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow." Ms. Holly succeeded in making me feel better. She is a kind student assistant and an asset to her hall.

Mark Mears, College of Arts and Sciences
I emailed Mark Mears to let him know that we were two books short for our writing across the curriculum cohort. Within two days, he sent me notification that the books had been ordered and were being processed. Mark Mears is always pleasant and professional, working to meet the needs to staff and faculty. He is awesome!


Russell Reese, Held Desk
The music department has had several situations this fall where we have needed IT assistance.  Every time I have had to call the help desk, Russell goes above and beyond the call of duty.  He is always very courteous and willing to help resolve any issues we may be having.  He also follows up with a phone call to let me know the status of a service request if needed.  Thank you to Russell Reese for being a dedicated and loyal IT employee!!!

Christopher Smith, Campus Services
Christopher Smith affectionately known by the staff and students as "Mr. Chris" is the best janitorial staff member we have had. He takes great pride and integrity in his work and personal appearance. His uniform is well fit, with his shirt tucked in. We always know when he has cleaned the building by the fresh clean sent and order. Even his supply closet is immaculate and meticulously organized. The students adore him. He always has a smile on his face, pep in his step and a listening ear. Our building is not the same without him. Thank you Mr. Chris for all your hard work and dedication. You are truly an asset and you are very much appreciated.

Jenny White, Financial Services
Jenny is always exceptional her personality is awesome. When I email or call with a question she make sure my question is answer without hesitate.

Michael Smith, Student Employment
Michael is always going above and beyond on everything that he does. He takes on many tasks and is always trying to improve VSU in some way. He provides wonderful customer service with a smiling face and great enthusiasm. He does so much for everyone and deserves recognition for it every day.


Michael Smith has truly been a tremendous help in guiding me through the wonderful job posting process using the PeopleAdmin portal. His patient is amazing! Michael always exhibits a positive work ethic along with an enthusiastic attitude. Thank you Michael!!

Dr. Tracy Meyers, Women and Gender Studies
Dr. Meyers has always gone above and beyond. She helps people in the community and fights for the rights of minorities. She is a wonderful example of others to follow. She shows compassion and does not turn a blind eye to events that are wrong. She is kind and I watched her help her employee Dorothy with everything she was going through when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This woman is amazing in many ways. She goes out of her way for everything she believes in and for the people she cares about. 

Dr. Theodore Uyeno, Biology
I had problems acquiring my EAD on time although I had applied for the OPT months earlier. This could have led to the loss of employments opportunities. Dr. Uyeno took it upon himself to facilitate expediting the entire process. He contacted all my employers as well as USCIS and requested that my OPT application be expedited. He guided me through the entire process like a mentor should. Dr. Uyeno saved my job and now I am employed as a part-time biology instructor in VSU. 

Sheila Hall, IT Training and Communications
I appreciate Sheila being available to help with problems after training.  She does an excellent job of providing feedback. Her customer service skills are exceptional. Thanks for a job well done.

Mark Smith, Adult Education
Mark brings a lot of enthusiasm and is always available and passionate with assisting our Nations Heroes and Civilians. Just wanting VSU to know he does an outstanding job when recruiting at MCLB-Albany.

Lisa Long, Admissions
Ms. Long went out of her way to make sure that my daughter's forms were complete so that she could participate in dual enrollment at VSU.  She answered many emails and responded to phone calls in a professional and helpful manner.

Doris Smith, Langdale Market
Every time she rings up my food purchases, she greets me with care and a smile on her face. She goes above and beyond for the people she serves and has such a sweet personality. I appreciate her so much and she is an exceptional person and employee.

Ernest L. Smith, Human Resources
Ernest was a huge help through the process of losing my full-time TEMP employee. Ernest assisted me in the re-hiring process of 2 part-time positions in my office. Ernest went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed. Ernest took the stress of this process off my shoulders. I did not have to follow up with Ernest, he followed up with me. Ernest is definitely an asset to the Human Resources Department and I look forward to working with him in the future. Thanks Ernest!


I would like to recognize Ernest L. Smith in HR for his exceptional work. I had a time sensitive issue concerning Vitae and the HR personnel I was dealing with on the issue had scheduled vacation time that I wasn't aware of. Ernest picked up my case as soon as I contacted him and resolved it immediately. He was very nice and professional as well as calm...which was nice because I wasn't. Thank you Ernest for your timely actions and professional demeanor.


Ernest is always friendly and helpful with PeopleAdmin issues.  I really appreciate his quick responses and eagerness to help when I have questions.  Thank you!

Annon Beepath, Information Technology
Annon has provided excellent support for the data analytics projects at VSU.  These have been very fast paced projects requiring Annon to take on additional tasks in a very short time frame. Annon has been exceptional in solving problems and helping to ensure all deadlines are met. I appreciate all the effort he is doing to support our university mission. 

Tim Murphy, Auxiliary Services
Tim is always there to support the 1Card Office whenever we need assistance. Tim always helps us out with random situations that come to us especially during fall registration. He provides support for our office at the highest level. Tim helps keep us straight and ensure we are doing everything we possibly can. We are honored to work with Tim. 

Keisha Roberts, Information Technology
Keisha always goes above and beyond what is required for her job to ensure the 1Card office has everything we need for our ID portal. Keisha responds in a timely manner and understands both the technical and customer service end of the issues at hand. You never have to follow up with Keisha. She stays on top of her job and what she needs to get done. We love working with Keisha. When she says something will be done, we can count on it! Thank you Keisha for all of your help making our ID portal a big success for orientation and Fall registration this year.

Ricky Wisenbaker, Information Technology
Ricky put in a lot of effort getting the network link from Whitehead to Jeanette working to make the Ben Carson event successful. His attitude is always OUTSTANDING!

Thomas "Bucky" Carter, Plant Operations
Ben McCranie and Bucky Carter did an exceptional job installing shelves and assisting me in securing priceless degrees in my office. In addition, both gentlemen completed the work order in a professional and timely manner. 

Ben McCranie, Plant Operations
Ben McCranie and Bucky Carter did an exceptional job installing shelves and assisting me in securing priceless degrees in my office. In addition, both gentlemen completed the work order in a professional and timely manner. 

Shaun Hall, Plant Operations
Painters Shaun and Charles did an exceptional job patching, repairing, and painting the walls in my office. In addition, both gentlemen completed the work order in a timely manner. 

Charles Hutto, Plant Operations
Painters Shaun and Charles did an exceptional job patching, repairing, and painting the walls in my office. In addition, both gentlemen completed the work order in a timely manner.

Lisa Snipes, Vice President's Office
Lisa has been very helpful especially since our department doesn't have an administrative assistant to help us with budget, travel, and other office task. We would be lost if it wasn't for her.

Phillip Bishop, eLearning
Phillip really goes the extra mile to help when we are setting up video conferencing. He checks, double-checks and personally comes by to ensure a successful outcome. Our video conference with a university in Kenya would not have worked without his help.

Lynn Bennett, SBDC
Lynn came to my MBA class at the beginning of the semester to offer guidance for our projects. I emailed her with a request and she quickly responded with everything I needed. Excellent customer service!

Hilary Gibbs, LCOBA Advancement/Development
Hilary is a GREAT co-worker. She stepped in and gave a student and her parents a tour of HSBA when all the administrators were gone to a meeting. Never even hesitated when I asked her.

David Pulliam, IT
David was very patient with me helping to connect me to the Enactus Database - even though I gave him incorrect information. He went out of his way to ensure that I had access and everything worked.

Mykhael Walker, IT-Financial Services
Mykhael is constantly helping with technical problems within our department. Recently, he went above and beyond to get our fax machine working. Our department couldn't ask for a better IT crew. Thank you to Na Ding, Linnie Kinard and Mykhael Walker for all you do. You are not thanked enough.


Mykhael helped me with a computer issue that I brought to him at the end of the day and stayed a few minutes late to make sure it was setup correctly. He is always so nice and a pleasure to work with. So glad he is a part of our department! 

Matthew Flannigan, IT
Matthew assisted with the installation process of our new copier. He installed the software for the new copier onto all of the required computers in the department. There was an issue with the scanner options, but he worked diligently to have this issue resolved for us in no time.

Dr. Thomas Hochschild Jr., Sociology
Dr. H. is an amazing professor. He goes beyond to make our college experience a life changing event. I two classes with Dr. H., Self and Community Services and Research Methods.

Corey Wasley, IT Helpdesk
Corey demonstrates on a daily basis the highest level of customer service. I have received nothing but positive comments on how Corey goes the extra mile to help the campus folks (student/faculty/staff) with their support needs. 

Officer Colon Jackson Keel, VSU Police
Officer Keel was very helpful to me in dealing with crowd control during the evacuation of Langdale Hall. He showed professionalism and handled himself very well during the power outage incident.

Jason Gaskins, IT
Jason was very helpful to the 1Card office during Fall Registration. Anything that needed immediate attention Jason would also respond promptly. Jason assisted us daily and made sure we had everything we needed. He explains things very well on the technical side as well as the customer service side. Kudos goes out to Jason Gaskins for his exceptional work for the Informational Technology Department.

Dr. Teresa Doscher, Biology
Conducting a microscopes lab to introduce cells to my 5th grade class at Pine Grove Elementary School.

Card Recipients for October

Mark Williams, Alcohol & Other Drug Education
Mr. Williams helped me with an SAP appeal at the beginning of the semester. I wanted to tell him the appeal was approved and I am currently taking class. Thank you for all your help and support!

Ron Butler, Campus Mail
I discovered that someone in our office sent out the wrong letter, but the mail had already been picked up.  I called Ron and he offered to find the letter, even though the mail had been stamped to go out. He called me back a few minutes later having found the letter.  I appreciate his help this time and his pleasant attitude anytime I call.  Great customer service Ron and the Campus Mail staff!

Gary Kuhlmann, Web Services
Ashley, Gary and Keith responded promptly and got the task requested done before I got into work the next day. It is great to work at VSU, knowing that there are staff who desire to make sure that you and your department are well taken care of. Thanks guys, we now have our links up for better advertisement.

Ashley Williams, Web Services
Ashley, Gary and Keith responded promptly and got the task requested done before I got into work the next day. It is great to work at VSU, knowing that there are staff who desire to make sure that you and your department are well taken care of. Thanks guys, we now have our links up for better advertisement.

Keith Warburg, Web Services
Ashley, Gary and Keith responded promptly and got the task requested done before I got into work the next day. It is great to work at VSU, knowing that there are staff who desire to make sure that you and your department are well taken care of. Thanks guys, we now have our links up for better advertisement.

Sue Ellen Warren, Admissions
Providing exceptional service with such a warm and friendly regard. It is always a pleasure working with you over the phone.

Sally Westendorf, Employee & Organizational Development
On October 10, Sally Westendorf checked a room setup for my scheduled training course and discovered that in fact the room reservation had been changed. She contacted me immediately by email (and later telephone) and helped to avert my panic by locating another room and contacting the participants.  Employees like Sally who work proactively and take ownership of issues immediately when spotted are an asset to the VSU family.


I was encouraged by Sally to take a few minutes of my time to express to others of the gratitude felt by me of their appreciation for my services as a person and a mail carrier. I thank her for this reminder and also encourage others to do likewise. She is a value to VSU and the EOD Department.

Jenny White, Financial Services
Thank you Ms. Fackler for having an employee like Ms. Jenny White. She's always courteous, expedient, especially with my budget concerns. 

Dr. Steven Kohn, Psychology
Dr. Kohn has been very supportive and encouraging to me as a student and I have seen him be the same with other students.  He is always ready at advising and is ready with my paperwork. He is awesome!!!  He has been a blessing to me and I want him to know he is appreciated!!! Thanks Dr. Kohn for you being you!

Lea Pickle, Event Services
Our student organization ran into an issue concerning the furnishings needed for our week-long event. Lea immediately stepped in and helped out! She was amazing and helped my panic stricken student within minutes of finding out the situation. Thank you so much for your dedication and helpfulness!

Kyle Culpepper, Media Center
Kyle gave us a crash-course on the Camtasia software so we could update our instructional videos on our website. Kyle's patience and expertise were invaluable, and enabled us to give our videos the contemporary and professional look we desired. 

Alexandria Peters, Housing
Alexandria was very helpful in giving me good info about due dates for paying for housing. She was very patient in describing the process.


I came into this office not knowing how to release a housing contract. Alexandria helped me and she is kind. She is wonderful and a great asset to this department. I am so thankful for all her help. I couldn't have done it without her!

Clint Cauley, Information Technology
Clint is always willing to go above and beyond to help members of our department with their IT needs. His level of skill and expertise greatly contribute to solving the technical issue at hand while maintaining a great attitude.

Jessica Kimsey, Physics
Ms. Jessica Kimsey is an exceptional secretary that always cares about helping students, staff and faculty. An example today is when we received a new color printer. She worked effectively with IT to have the driver installed on everyone's computer. She is a very energetic secretary, always smiles to everyone. She is a very competent person with budget and everything else.

Stephanie Browne, Campus Recreation
I made a mistake when I filled out my membership form this year. Ms. Browne helped me straighten it out. She was very professional and courteous even when I was being difficult.

Melissa Willis, Nursing
Melissa is wonderful about meeting with prospective students visiting our campus. That Friday we were really busy with tours and our times got mixed up, with the result that Melissa had to stay late to meet with a student. She graciously took care of the student without complaint, even though she had plans for the weekend. Her attitude makes our job so much easier and helps bring students to VSU.

Evan Sands-Butler, Information Technology
Evan's technical expertise was a tremendous help to our department during our re-accreditation site visit. He went above and beyond the call of duty!

Dan Coody, Facilities Planning
Bill Muntz had asked that a hanging rod be installed in the Magnolia Room along the dividing partition to allow installation of lighting. Cost to install were over $1000.00.  Dan met with Bill and came up with a plan to use standard hardware and devise a system using bolts and washers using his own funds. System worked and saved University a thousand bucks! Very creative and caring.

Dr. Joshua Reece, Biology
Dr. Reece went out of his way for me to receive funding to be able to present my research at the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) in January. I'm not even part of his undergrad research group!

Jenny Baker, Campus Mail
Mr. Butler, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Jenny Baker's help today.  She took time to listen to my small dilemma, and she solved the problem within a few minutes.  Here is what transpired. I'm applying to one of VSU's graduate programs, and I learned yesterday that the graduate school needs one additional item by 5:30 this afternoon to complete my application package. Jenny located the express mail package that I sent overnight and made a few telephone calls to VSU offices to ensure the package is directed to the appropriate person before the deadline. Then, she called me back to assure me that the package is on its way to the recipient. Jenny's intervention will ensure my application reaches the review panel. I appreciate Jenny's assistance and you for running an operation that values and delivers excellent customer service.

Dr. Thomas Hochschild, Sociology
Dr. H. is an amazing professor. He goes beyond to make our college experience a life changing event. I take two classes with Dr. H. Self and Community Services and Research Methods.

Susan Jones, Modern and Classical Languages
Ms. Jones is a wonderful colleague! She manages so many different aspects of our department, and always does so with a cheerful and helpful disposition. She is patient, caring, and down-to-earth. Her knowledge and problem-solving tactics are amazing. Being relatively new to VSU, I often have questions about a variety of subjects and I have learned so much from her. She is always willing to go "above and beyond" for both faculty and students. 

Christel Marshall, Student Advising Center, College of Education
Bryce and Bella Boyette (10 & 7) attend the Reading Center tutoring session on Monday and Wednesday. They were thrilled when they found a plastic spider providing a treat upon its return to the center and with the opportunity to hide it for someone else.

Dr. Marshall Walden, Centralized Advising
All of your help and support were greatly appreciated and your smile made me feel welcome. Professional, courteous, exceptional.

Nathan Metzner, Adult and Military
The help I received was exceptional, the advice was honest, clear, and concise. The counseling was open, friendly and earnest. The open door for further advice and counseling was reassuring. Made me feel that someone would be there if needed.

Jessica Taylor, Physics, Astronomy, Geosciences
Facilitating the purchase and installation of some new software.

Laura Atkinson, Department of Middle Grades, Secondary, Reading & Deaf Education
Bella (7 yrs), who attends the Reading Center tutoring sessions on Monday and Wednesdays, does her homework while waiting until 4:00. She neglected to bring a pencil today, but Ms. Laura very kindly loaned her one.

Donnell Davis, Financial Aid
All your help was exceptional. And your time appreciated. Peace, hope, love.

Nancee Storey, Admissions
Through the entire process of admissions, she was of exceptional support and assistance. Always helpful, respectful, courteous, and encouraging. You are very lucky or wise to have her here!

Dr. Joseph Weaver, Admissions
It was the first time in my life that I was reprimanded or in trouble for being at school too much. Thanks for your support.

Jessica Kimsey Taylor, PAG
Helping me with a thousand things every week. Thank you for your patience and good humor under stressful conditions. The entire department would be lost without you.


Facilitating the purchase and installation of some new software.

Alan Sanderson, Facilities Planning
Alan went beyond the call of duty providing guided tours for the Regents and wives during the recent BOR meetings. During this time, Alan continued his duties of architect on projects on campus. This service went beyond the call of duty. Hats off to Alan for a job well done representing VSU to Regents during their visit to our campus.

Michael Anderson, IT-Asset Management
I want to thank both Michael Anderson and Alex Malos of IT Asset Management for relocating my hardware to my new office upstairs -- including my chair and even finding trash bags. These tasks go beyond their normal duties; yet they did not hesitate to help out at all. Thank you very much!

Alex Malos, IT-Asset Management
I want to thank both Michael Anderson and Alex Malos of IT Asset Management for relocating my hardware to my new office upstairs -- including my chair and even finding trash bags. These tasks go beyond their normal duties; yet they did not hesitate to help out at all. Thank you very much!


I called Asset Management in desperate hopes that someone could answer an oddball question for me. I was actually trying to reach someone in an entirely different section of IT, but was unable to reach them. Alex took it upon himself to try and find this person for me, by searching Pine Hall for anyone that may be capable of answering my question, and sought out the nature of my problem, regardless of the fact that this was not his job nor did he have any real bearing or knowledge of the issue at hand. While in the end we were both unsuccessful, his efforts were sincerely appreciated and I was impressed by his level of customer care. Thank you Alex for reaffirming that there are people that go out of their way to make a stranger's day less troublesome.

Jeremy Mohrfeld, Web Services
Jeremy was extremely helpful while I was creating a web page in cascade. I ran into several issues over the course of the day and Jeremy remained calm and helpful. I appreciate him for doing his job with such care. 

Eric Gouthier, Media Services
Eric has always shown exceptional customer service, and is always willing to help patrons. On this occasion Eric helped me figure out the problems I was having on an Excel Macro and helped me finish it. We all appreciate your hard work!

Rebecca Murphy, Employee & Organizational Development
Becky is always going above and beyond to help me when I'm teaching a class. She sets up class projects for me at the last minute because I always run out of time. Without her the class I teach would fail miserably. Thank you! 

Carol Willis, Sponsored Research
Carol Willis did a great job helping me make a grant deadline despite obstacles in both of our schedules. She read the guidelines and my draft carefully and handled much of the budget stuff, making the grant-writing process a pleasure. She is definitely an asset to VSU.

Diane Bellflowers, Facilities Planning
When asked to assist this sister school, Diane has gone the extra mile to assist South Georgia State College by providing interior design for SGC Alumni House. She has represented VSU and Facilities Planning and has provided interior design for their Alumni House. She has made numerous trips to the college to meet with their administration and has always represented VSU in the highest light. This is beyond her job duties and she deserves to be recognized for a job well done!


Went the extra mile with the President and wife to ensure recent visit by Board of Regents went smooth. Coordinated all work at the sites and made the event a lot smoother. She does CARE! And deserves the Caught you caring note.

Card Recipients for November 2014

Clinic staff, Student Health Services
Great service. Treated me like I was their own son. would recommend to friends and others. Love the staff here. Keep up the great work, and continue being a blessing and keep blessing people's lives. P.S. My heroes.

Cheryl A. Hatcher, Information Technology
Recently our department was conducting interviews for 4 open positions. Although not in her job description, Cheryl asked if she could assist since she knew we are extremely busy. Cheryl called each on the 8 candidates, created calendar invites, greeted each candidate when they arrived, had bottled water available for both interview committee and candidate, and at the end on the interview she gave the candidates a tour of the IT shop. Thank you Cheryl for all your help, and hard work.

Maurice "Moe" F. Mondesir, Information Technology
Several times I have ad issues with my computer and "Moe" has worked successfully with me to fix them. He is patient, resourceful and very efficient. He is also a nice guy.

Wendy P. Miller, Adult and Career Education
After struggling for over a week to register for a particular ACED class due to an ongoing "error" in Banner, I finally contacted Mrs. Miller to try to gain insight into who to contact next. Mrs. Miller did me one better: she solved the problem by contacting the instructor, gaining an override, and getting me in the class! It truly made my day!

Jean Smith, Financial Aid
Easy service! Beyond helpful!

Keith Watson, Library
Keith was very quick with responding to a request I had for Voyager installation. It is always appreciated to receive not only a great response time, but also to receive a quick resolution to the problem as well. Thanks for getting all the features of Voyager I needed up and running for me. 

Ethan Gray, Housing and Residence Life
The HRL office had a planning retreat and Ethan really "came to the rescue" when called upon to complete last minute preparations. Without his help, we could not have the successful meeting that we did! Ethan is "amazing!"

Susan Leigh Jones, Modern and Classical Languages
Susan offered great guidance during my long distance return to VSU. She offered resolutions that complied with the school's policy and met my academic needs. She is amazing.

Charlotte Foster, Student Health Services
She was thoughtful, respectful, encouraging and informative. Love Ms. Foster for her great service.

Card Recipients for December 2014

Patrick Smith, Plant Ops - Electric Shop
The lighted Palms looked awesome! And area great tradition reinvented! Thank you!

Marie Hart, Financial Aid
Ms. Hart was very helpful with getting my daughter's (Latressa More) financial aid information processed.

Melody Fuller, Middle Grades, Secondary, Reading and Deaf Education

On Friday morning (12/12/2014), I brought
a student to the Middle Grades Department. Although we did not have an appointment, Mrs. Melody
Fuller completely stopped what she was doing to talk to us. I truly believe this transfer student got more
hope and options in the short time with her than he has ever received before. He may or may not
ultimately become a teacher but at least he knows that he can complete a college degree.

 Zonnya Lane, Financial Serivces

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much Zonnya Lane assisted Chad Vantine and myself yesterday after 5pm.

Chad had travel reimbursement and somehow the alert email from Peoplesoft had not gotten to me.  Zonnya had contacted Chad and Chad got in touch with me to obtain approval.

Not only did Zonnya walk us through the procedure so that Chad could get reimbursed this pay-cycle, but she kindly met us at the Financial Services door after the office had closed, and said she'd do her best to get the reimbursement processed this AM.

We greatly appreciate her taking the time to help us and stay late to get this done -- really just awesome -- and I'll be submitting a "Caught you caring" card to reflect this above and beyond assistance :)

 Corey Wasley, Information Technology Helpdesk

I have been struggling with accessing
messages on my newly issued Cisco IP Phone Model 7045. Corey was extremely patient and attentive as
he led me step by step through the process of resetting my password. There were a few hurdles with my IMac and a browser issue to overcome, but Mr. Wasley walked me through it with kindness and ease. I so appreciate his excellent service this morning.

 James Jenkins, Campus Services

Thank you Mr. James Jenkins at Nevins Hall.
After an injury, although I barely know James, he took the time during his lunch break to provide me
with a "loaner" wheelchair. This has greatly helped me around campus!

Renee Whitmer, College of Education & Human Services

Ms. Whitmer was extremely pleasant,
understand, and helpful when I called to ask many questions regarding admittance into the MAT
program. She took her time and fully explained every answer. My phone conversation was so
informative, and it also put my mind at ease to the stress of graduating and jumping straight into a
masters program. She explained all of the requirements and steps. Additionally, she gave me
suggestions and opinions that related to my situation. She was above and beyond pleasant to talk to.

 Dr. Matthew Waters, Biology

Dr. Waters was extremely understanding
and pleasant. He went out of his way to admit me into his class as I needed this course in order to
graduate the upcoming semester. His cheerful email was refreshing and brought a smile to my face. This
is a difficult feat during finals. For a professor to be so understanding and exuberant is a rare quality.

 Dr. Joshua Reece, Biology

Dr. Reece has gone above and beyond in his
effort to assist me in     gaining all of the needed classes for my final semester as a biology
undergraduate student so that I may be able to graduate on time. I particularly appreciate all of his help and kindness as it is during an extremely busy time of the semester. Additionally, without his assistance,
I would not be able to begin my masters program until January. His altruism and compassion for my
situation, in addition to his knowledgeable and approachable teaching style, is proof that Dr. Reece is an exemplary professor who truly cares about his students.

Debbie Reagan,  Student Health

Incredibly caring and professional. Exceptional service and always good for a joke.

Debbie sets the standard for being the best!