Well-Being Igniters

Purpose of the Program

The Well-being Igniters are an enthusiastic group of Valdosta State University students and employees who help develop well-being initiatives and activities, inspire their coworkers, and promote the program. A well-being igniter is someone who is passionate about health and well-being–and excited about creating a culture of well-being at Valdosta State University.

Role and Responsibilities 


  • Participate in an initial orientation to the program and attend two meetings per semester, where you will contribute your energy and ideas.
  • Support the implementation of at least two events per semester 
  • Promote the use of online well-being tools and assist employees who may need further instruction.
  • Find ways to keep well-being front and center in your department―through flyers, emails, and more using the promotional materials provided.
  • Provide activity reports and other required summaries as requested by the Well-being Coordinator in order to highlight the well-being program progression and any problems encountered.
  • Develop valuable leadership skills
  • Gain knowledge on new wellness trends and how to influence the campus.
  • Be the first to know about upcoming events with Campus Wellness
  • Receive personal growth in your own journey to wellness.
  • Gain access to a strong community and group of individuals that are committed to well-being
  • Help shape the direction of well-being on VSU's campus through your creative contributions!

Interested in becoming a Well-being Igniter?

Serving as a Well-being Igniter will not take a lot of extra time; however, the roles of Well-being Igniters are essential to the success of the overall well-being program at VSU. You must be committed to your own health―and that of others. Maybe you’re working to reach a personal health or fitness goal, or maybe you have overcome a health challenge and are eager to share what you’ve learned. 

If you think this could be a good fit for you, use this link to fill out the application today.

For more information about the program, contact Health Promotions and Wellness at vsuwellness@valdosta.edu or 219-3191.