Tobacco Free Programs

Want to be Tobacco Free?

Valdosta State University is pleased to share resources with you both on-campus, in the community and online.

On-Campus Sessions (open to students, faculty and staff)

VSU offers Freshstart. Freshstart is the American Cancer Society's free tobacco cessation program. Freshstart is comprised of 4 one-hour group sessions over the course of 4 weeks.

Fall Semester Series
Wednesdays (October 5, 12, 19, 26) @ noon
Student Union Conference Room 1 (3rd floor)

Register online: or email

Each session has 4 components:

1) Individual Attention
2) Strategies & Information
3) Review & Discussion
4) Assignments

How does it work?

Each session will have a trained facilitator to help run the meeting. The facilitator will track the average number of cigarettes each participant smokes prior to each session, and ensures that sessions stay focused and on time.

Who can participate?
Anyone who would like to quit smoking can participate whether they have attempted to quit before or not. Participants are encouraged to attend all four sessions whether or not they are meeting their goals.

What are the objectives for each session?
Session 1: To understand why I smoke and how my smoking affects me and those around me.
Session 2: To master the first few days off cigarettes.
Session 3: To master the obstacles to staying off cigarettes.
Session 4: To learn how to stay quit.

For additional resources or to request a series contact:

Mark Williams,, 229-259-5111.

Online Resources

The University System of Georgia is offering for employees and spouses enrolled in a USG healthcare plan the FREEDOM FROM SMOKING ONLINE for FREE! Download this pdf for more information.

The Georgia Quitline 1-877-270-7867 is free and available to students and employees.

Community Resources

American Lung Association - Freedom from Smoking Classes

Lakeland: SGMC Lanier Campus, 116 West Thigpen Avenue, Lakeland, GA 31635, Courtney Orr at, call 229-482-8450 to register.
Nashville: SGMC Berrien Campus, 1221 EAsh McPherson Avenue, Nashville, Ga 31639, Courtney Orr at, call 229-433-8663 to register.
Valdosta: SGMC Smith Northview Campus, 4280 North Valdosta Road, Valdosta, GA 31601, Courtney Orr at, call 229-433-8460 to register.
Valdosta: SGMC, 2501 N. Patterson St., Valdosta, GA 31602, Courtney Orr at, call 229-433-1074 to register.

Employee News

Cessation Assistance:

  • The USG healthcare plan provides coverage for most over-the-counter items and prescription tobacco cessation products.
  • There is a 0% co-pay for these products.
  • All products must be physician-prescribed in order to have a 0% co-pay.

Cessation Additional Incentive:

  • Employees are eligible to receive $25 gift card for completion of at least 75% of Freedom from Smoking sessions and 100% completion of Freshstart sessions.
    • It is the responsibility of the participant to sign-in at in-person sessions, both on and off-campus.
    • This is the only way for the University System Office to have verifiable information pertinent to the distribution of incentives.

Tobacco-free campus

VSU became a Tobacco-free campus on October 1, 2014 by policy of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. Learn more