The programs and activities offered through Campus Wellness promote the holistic model of health described below. All programming is open to VSU faculty, staff and students unless a specific audience is advertised. Regular events include, but are not limited to:

Holistic model of health

Holistic Model

Holistic means the parts of a system are interrelated. Each part is related in such a way that their functioning is conditioned by their relationship with one another. Everything is interlinked. To live in a state of complete Wellness means all dimensions of your life must be healthy. The six dimensions of health are:

Developing healthy activities that benefit your body such as nutritious eating and exercise. It is taking care of your body. #CampusRecreation/CORE

Using your resources to expand your knowledge, to create, and to become mentally stimulated. #ContinuingEducation #Library

Focuses on taking care of yourself and developing ways to enhance your inner resources. It is paying attention to elements such as self-expression, stress reduction, and relaxation. #CounselingCenter 

Enhances the connection between your mind and body. It is personal growth. #Yoga

Developing healthy relationships with those around you. It is contributing to your community. #IntheNews #GreekLife #StudentUnion

Contributing in a work environment that accommodates each other's weaknesses and strengths in a healthy way. #EmployeeSuccess #StudentSuccess

Site Source For Model:
Dr. Bill Hettler
Co-Founder of the Board of Director of National Wellness Institute