Ignite Your Well-being Challenge

About the Challenge

This is a free 6-week employee wellness challenge where the benefits are limitless! This is your chance to take time this summer to focus on YOU! You'll select healthy habits and set goals based on one or more of the holistic wellness dimensions. We provide resources, motivational tips, prizes, and optional personal coaching. The categories below are based on a holistic approach using the Six Dimensions of Wellness model by Dr. Bill Hettler. 

  • Physical wellness consists of healthy habits towards nutrition, sleep, exercise, appropriate health care, stress reduction, and overall physical health. Physical wellness also includes developing body awareness and personal stewardship towards attending to your own health. 
  • Intellectual wellness encourages interacting in creative and stimulating activities to expand your knowledge and skills as well as understanding diverse points of view. Intellectual wellness includes discovering your own potential for sharing your talents and perspective with others and taking differing perspectives into consideration. 
  • Emotional wellness involves your ability to cope with life stress, express emotions, and feel positive about your life. It includes being aware and accepting your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors by managing them in a healthy way. Emotional wellness also includes awareness of your strengths while recognizing individual areas for improvement. 
  • Spiritual wellness consists of personal beliefs and values that provide a sense of meaning and purpose in life. Spiritual wellness includes recognizing your needs for discovering meaning and purpose in human existence while also developing an appreciation for life and connection with something larger than yourself in the universe. It does not require you to participate in religious practice, although religion can be one route to increase your spiritual wellness.
  • Social wellness consists of having positive, healthy, and meaningful relationships with friends, family, and the community. Social wellness includes using healthy communication skills, respecting yourself and others, and showing interests and genuine concern for those in need.
  • Occupational wellness consists of exploring and determining activities that align with your individual purpose and meaning that mirrors personal goals, belief systems, lifestyle, and values. Occupational wellness includes being self-aware of balancing work requirements with personal time, building relationships with colleagues, exploring various career options, and engaging in ongoing training opportunities.

Online resources and guides will be provided to support you along the way. Remember this is YOUR journey.

Who is eligible 

All VSU employees (part-time and full-time). Even if you are not scheduled to work this summer, you can still participate. 

How do I sign-up?

The deadline to enroll was Friday, June 4th.


  • Kick-off Event - June 2nd-2:30 to 3:30 PM, College of Education, Jennett Hall, Rm. 1111 or via Zoom
  • Challenge - June 7, 2021, through July 18, 2021
  • Ending Celebration - July 21- 9:30 to 10:30 AM, University Center, Cypress Room

What can I earn by participating?

  • At the conclusion of the challenge, all enrolled will receive a gift for participating.
  • Prizes drawings every two weeks, and prizes to be given during the ending celebration. 
  • Special recognition and prizes will be earned for those selecting entry into any of the superlative categories listed below. These are optional.
    • The Hydro-Hero: This superlative goes to the participant or participants who have consistently achieved healthy water consumption each day.
    • The Stepper: This superlative goes to the participant, or participants who have logged the most steps taken throughout the entire challenge. There is a cap of 30,000 steps per day.
    • Sleeping Beauty Award: The superlative goes to the participant or participants who have achieved healthy sleep habits each week (optimal between 7 to 9 hours).
    • The Transformer: This superlative goes to the participants or participants who have seen the most change in their body composition during the challenge.
    • The Tracker: This superlative goes to the participant or participants; who have reliably recorded their progress throughout the entire challenge.