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Webinars Resources

2019 Webinars

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Money Mondays

Money Mondays are monthly financial education seminars with a web conference format which will be broadcast to the entire USG. These seminars provide:

  • Guidance to employees who may be stressed about economic conditions, market fluctuations, and their personal finances.
  • Education about benefits in the context of personal financial planning including saving, investing, debt management, and planning for the unexpected.

Where does the program occur? Rotate location every month for live presentations.

Can employees attend remotely? Live stream for system-wide web conference.

The Purpose of Estate Planning - Is My Family's Legacy Protected?

When: October 28, 2019

Where: University System Office


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Make the Most of Your Retirement Savings

When: November 18, 2019

Where: Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College



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Half Way There: A Retirement Checkup

When: December 2019

Where: Kennesaw University


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USG Financial Well-being
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