About Us


The VSU Wellness Committee promotes and supports an increased awareness and practice of a healthy lifestyle by offering a variety of educational activities and programs that address the social, intellectual, occupational, spiritual, physical and emotional wellness of the university's faculty, staff and student population.


  1. To increase awareness of the holistic health model and the connections between one's physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, occupational and social (environmental) dimensions.
  2. To educate and motivate the VSU community (faculty, staff, students, retirees) and regional community by creating and supporting a variety of activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.
  3. To develop Partnerships throughout the University and regional community to cultivate wellness programs and initiatives.
  4. To achieve the USG Well-being vision and mission of a comprehensive approach to fostering a campus culture and environment of well-being.

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Holistic Model

Holistic means the parts of a system are interrelated. Each part is related in such a way that their functioning is conditioned by their relationship with one another. Everything is interlinked. To live in a state of complete Wellness means all dimensions of your life must be healthy. The six dimensions of health are:

holistic model pie chart

Developing healthy activities that benefit your body such as nutritious eating and exercise. It is taking care of your body. #CampusRecreation/CORE

Using your resources to expand your knowledge, to create, and to become mentally stimulated. #ContinuingEducation #Library

Focuses on taking care of yourself and developing ways to enhance your inner resources. It is paying attention to elements such as self-expression, stress reduction, and relaxation. #CounselingCenter 

Enhances the connection between your mind and body. It is personal growth.

Developing healthy relationships with those around you. It is contributing to your community. #IntheNews #GreekLife #StudentUnion

Contributing in a work environment that accommodates each other's weaknesses and strengths in a healthy way. #EmployeeSuccess #StudentSuccess

Site Source For Model:
Dr. Bill Hettler
Co-Founder of the Board of Director of National Wellness Institute