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The Blazer Wellness Committee promotes and supports increased awareness and practice of healthy habits by offering a variety of educational activities and programs that address the university's faculty, staff, and student population's social, intellectual, occupational, spiritual, physical, environmental, financial, and emotional wellness.


  1. To increase awareness of the holistic wellness model and the connections between one's physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, financial, environmental, and social dimensions.
  2. To educate and motivate the VSU community (faculty, staff, students, retirees) and regional community by creating and supporting various activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.
  3. To develop Partnerships throughout the University and regional community to cultivate wellness programs and initiatives.
  4. To achieve the USG Well-being vision and mission of a comprehensive approach to fostering a campus culture and environment of well-being.

Support the Cause!

Blazer Wellness tackles various initiatives like the Walking Trail, wellness fairs, fitness classes, and much more. We are also growing to better support the needs of our campus that align with building a campus culture of wellness. To make these events and initiatives possible, we as a committee, work with donors and grant opportunities to reach a common goal. Thus, join us on our adventure and help support us. 

Donate Here: http://community.valdostastate.org/campus-wellness

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