Financials Data Warehouse FAQs

  • What is the acronym for the Financials Data Warehouse?


  • Which browsers can I use to access FDWH currently?

    Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

  • What are the URL and login credentials to access FDWH?

    The URL is:  The Financials Data Warehouse (also known as “BI”, or “the budget reports”, or “the financial reports”) has undergone a major upgrade, and the new address is now   Please update your bookmarks. Also, you may need to clear your web browser cache before accessing the new server.

    Please enter your VSU Active Directory (Computer Login) information to access FDWH. 

  • What can you do if you receive an invalid username and/ password error message when logging into FDWH?

    Please follow the basic steps below to synchronize your account:

    1. go to VSU home page:
    2. select MyVSU
    3. select the “Forgot your password?” link directly below the SIGN IN button prior to login or click the link below:
    4. select "I Know My VSU Password" button
    5. enter your existing Active Directory username and password into the textboxes here
    6. click "Login" button
    7. enter the same Active Directory password twice
    8. click "Change Passwords" button
  • Is there a user guide available?

    Yes. Here is the  User Guide 

  • Access Request Form-What can I do if I am a budget manager and want to authorize an eligible employee to access the same reports as I do?

    Please complete the Financials Data Warehouse User Access Request Form from the link below:  and send back the signed/dated form as an attachment when responding the service desk ticket or fax it back to the IT Financials Team at 229-333-7408. 

  • What reports are currently available in FDWH?

    • Budget Activity Summary
    • Budget Activity Detail
    • Revenue Activity Summary
    • Revenue Activity Detail
    • Budget Journal by Department
    • Grant Budget Activity Detail
    • Schedule G
    • Schedule G1