Proper Display & Use of Parking Permits

All employees and students who operate vehicles on campus must obtain or purchase a parking permit valid for each academic year (Fall Semester through Summer Semester), a permit is required at all times (except weekends). Parking permits are non-refundable. All static cling parking permits should be removed from the original baggy and displayed on the front windshield (inside) driver side lower corner- temporary parking permits placed on the dash board (driver side/left corner) with vehicle information and valid permit dates visible. Parking permits should never be altered (date changed, photo copied, etc....) Citations will be issued accordingly for all tampered or improperly displayed permits.  Any non-registered or unidentified vehicle with 5 or more unpaid parking citations will be removed from campus at the owner's expense.

When an authorized vehicle is parked on campus, the parking permit must be displayed in the motor vehicle by affixing it to the front driver's side lower windshield. Any registered vehicle with 10 or more unpaid parking citations will be removed from campus at the owner's expense.

Parking permits are not transferable meaning, you can not loan your permit to someone else to use (unless it is authorized by Parking & Transportation administration). Permit owners shall be responsible for citations issued to their assigned parking permits (even if it's a different vehicle not registered under their account). Permits must not be falsified, forged, or altered. The use of parking permits by individuals other than the individual to whom the permit has been issued is prohibited and a fine will be assessed.

Motorcycles will be issued a stick on decal to be displayed on the front forks of the motorcycle.

Only current parking permits are to be displayed on motor vehicles. Any expired permit must be removed from motor vehicles. A vehicle with an expired permit will receive a citation.

At any time a vehicle is driven that does not have the appropriate permit displayed, a temporary parking permit can be issued for that day from the Parking & Transportation Department.

Employees must return parking permits to the Parking & Transportation Department upon discontinuance of employment.