Termination of Employment


Faculty members having a minimum of 10 years of creditable service may elect to retire at age 60. Early retirement with penalty is allowable for those faculty members having attained age 55 and who have 25 years of creditable service. Faculty members having 30 years of creditable service may retire at any age without penalty. Creditable service includes active military duty, non-state teaching in a public system, study leave and current service in the University System.

Emeritus Status

Any retiring tenured professor, associate professor, or assistant professor or retiring administrative officer who, at the time of his or her retirement, had ten years or more service in the University System may be awarded the title of "emeritus." The conferring of this title shall be by Board action taken upon the recommendation of the President of the University. (Board of Regents' Policy Manual, Section 803.17)


Faculty and staff members employed under written contract for the fiscal year or academic year of three quarters are expected to give written notice of their intention to resign to the President of the University no later than February 1 immediately preceding the expiration of the contract period.

Non-Renewal of Contract

The President of the University may at any time remove any faculty or staff member for cause, provided that the institution has complied with procedural due process requirements (Board of Regents' Policy Manual, Section 803.11) Written notice will clearly state the charges against the person removed and must be sent by certified mail and receipted. The individual is entitled to file an appeal in writing to the Board of Regents for a fair hearing before the Board or a committee of the Board. The Board or committee of the Board may grant a hearing within 45 days of the appeal. The action of the Board will be final.

Causes for dismissal are listed in the Board of Regents' Policy Manual, Section 803.09, as follows:
  1. Conviction or admission of guilt of a felony or of a crime involving moral turpitude during the period of employment --or prior thereto if the conviction or admission of guilt was wilfully concealed;

  2. Professional incompetency, neglect of duty, or default of academic integrity in teaching, in research, or in scholarship;

  3. Sale or distribution of illegal drugs; teaching under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs which interferes with faculty member's performance of duty or his or her respon­sibilities to the institution or to his or her profession;

  4. Physical or mental incompetency as determined by law or by a medical board of three or more licensed physicians and reviewed by a committee of the faculty;

  5. False swearing with respect to official documents filed with the institution;

  6. Disruption of any teaching, research, administrative, disciplinary, public service or other authorized activ­ity;

  7. Such other grounds for dismissal as may be specified in the Statutes of the institution.

Exiting Procedures

  • Faculty wishing to continue health insurance should arrange to do so prior to their departure from the campus.

  • Faculty leaving public education may have contributions made to the Teachers Retirement System refunded to them. Significant penalties may apply in such cases based on I.R.S. regulations. Those with vested interest, 10 years of creditable service, will probably leave contributions intact, as will those who are planning to return to the Georgia system.

  • All University property must be returned. This includes library books, Bookstore loans, and assigned equipment.

  • All University keys should be returned to the Head of the Department.

  • Credit Union obligations must be satisfactorily handled through the Credit Union office.

  • Faculty I.D. and parking decals must be delivered to the Office of Public Safety.

  • The Personnel Office needs to be apprised of the exit­ing person's forthcoming mailing address, in order to forward W-2 forms and other documents as may be neces­sary.

  • The faculty person's American Express Corporate Card must be returned to the Personnel Office.