Payroll Periods

Faculty contracts normally cover the academic year of two semesters, Fall, and Spring. Faculty members receive 1/10 of their compensation on the last working day of each month from August through May.

Administrative officers of the University, and certain of their associates and assistants, as well as department heads, are appointed for the full fiscal year. Faculty members whose work requires continuous service may also be employed on this basis. Individuals on fiscal contracts receive his or her compensation in twelve equal installments commencing in July.

Normally, a departmental representative will pick up checks on the last working day of the month and make proper distribution in the department or a faculty member may select to have the check direct deposited to a bank. Each faculty member is required to acknowledge that the check was received by signing his or her name or by initialing an appropriate form provided by the Payroll Department.

Payroll Deductions

Payroll deductions include federal Social Security tax; federal and State of Georgia withholding taxes; voluntary disability insurance premiums; elected Teachers' Retirement System of Georgia payments; and special amounts which the faculty member may designate to be withheld for deferred income arrangements, Credit Union savings and loan payments, voluntary United Way, University Foundation and other contributions, and AAUP dues.

Direct Deposit

Faculty members may elect to have their payroll checks direct deposited in the financial institution of their choice. Further details and necessary forms to initiate this process are available in the Employee Payroll Office.