General Procedures

Faculty contracts normally cover the academic year of two semesters: Fall and Spring. Faculty members receive their compensation in ten equal payments on the last working day of each month from August through May.

Administrative officers of the University, and certain of their associates and assistants, as well as department heads, are appointed for the full fiscal year. Faculty members whose work requires continuous service may also be employed on this basis. Individuals on fiscal contracts receive his or her compensation in twelve equal installments commencing in July.

Intention to Renew

Notice of the intention to renew or not to renew a non-tenured faculty member will be furnished in writing according to the following schedule:

  1. at least three months before the date of termination of an initial one year contract;

  2. at least six months before the date of termination of a second one year contract;

  3. at least nine months before the date of termination of a contract after two or more years of service in the institution.

This schedule of notification does not apply to persons holding temporary or part-time positions.


Section 803.1202 of the Board of Regents' Policy Manual states, in part, as follows: The institutions of the University System shall use the appropriate official contract form approved by the Board of Regents. Failure to sign and return such contracts within the time period specified therein may be construed as an abandonment of employment rights. Department heads will deliver contracts on the day of receipt, if possible, to those faculty members who are employed at the time (Summer Semester) the contracts are being dispersed. Receipt of a contract from the department head by a faculty member must be acknowledged in writing. Faculty members should return their signed contract to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs during the time period specified in the contract. Faculty members who are not going to be employed at the time contracts are to be dispersed must make prior arrangements (during Spring Semester) with the Vice President for Academic Affairs for the signing of their contracts.