b'THE UNDERGRADUATE CEREMONYSATURDAY, MAY 7, 20227:00 Pm vsu FRONT LAWNORDER OF PROGRAMPRESIDING d r . r icHArdA. c ArvAJAlOPENING OF EXERCISES d r . v inceA. m illerPROCESSIONAL Please rise, if able, and remain standing.THE NATIONAL ANTHEM vsu s PotligHtersPLEASE BE SEATED.WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS d r . r icHArdA. c ArvAJAlRECOGNITION OF MACE CARRIER d r . r icHArdA. c ArvAJAld r . m icHAelB AunCOMMENCEMENT ADDRESS d r . r icHArdA. c ArvAJAlPRESIDENTS AWARDFOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE d r . r oBertt. s mitHd r . r icHArdA. c ArvAJAlHarley Langdale, Jr. College of Business Administration m s . k elseyB rooked AnielsCollege of the Arts m s . c yleon eAlc lArkCollege of Nursing & Health Sciences m s . t ristonl eec ArterCollege of Science & Mathematics m r . k evinJ oHne PPesCollege of Humanities & Social Sciences m s . m ArgAretA lAinAt AylorJames L. & Dorothy H. Dewar College of Education & Human Services m s . e milye lizABetHc ulPePPer RECOGNITION OF HONORS d r . r oBertt. s mitH COMMISSIONING OF AIR FORCE ROTC OFFICERSm AJors tePHeno ttPRESENTATION OFCANDIDATES FOR DEGREES d r . r oBertt. s mitHREADINGOF CANDIDATES NAMES d r . v inceA. m illerALMA MATER vsu c HAmBers ingersCONFERRAL OF DEGREES d r . r icHArdA. c ArvAJAlCLOSING REMARKS d r . r icHArdA. c ArvAJAlFIREWORKS SHOWSign Language Interpreting Provided by the VSU Access Office233RD COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY| 7'