Scholarship Support

Goal: $20.9 Million


  • VSU seeks to dramatically enhance its ability to recruit, retain and graduate high-achieving students.
  • To accomplish this goal, it must significantly increase the number and dollar amount of scholarship offerings.


  • Increased scholarship opportunities allow VSU to recruit and retain ambitious, motivated scholars who are successful in the classroom and are engaged leaders across campus.
  • First-year retention rates for scholarship students are 81%, an impressive 13 points higher than the first-year retention rates for all first-time students. 


  • 85% of VSU students are on some sort of financial aid. 
  • Investing in scholarships helps provide students with the funding required to enroll or to stay in school.
  • Scholarships have the ability to allow students to experience opportunities that would otherwise be missed. 


  Approximate costs per year:
Tuition & Fees $7,162  (for out of state, add $12,896)
Residence Hall $4,072 – $5,040
Meal Plan $3,792
Books (estimated) $1,200
Total $16,226 – $17,194