Scholarship Support

“Gap scholarships shift the focus of impacted students from the temporary problem to a dreamed of solution and I see the impact of a changed life with every joyful tear and grateful hug.”

--Dr. Rodney Carr, Vice President of Student Success


Increased scholarship opportunities create possibilities for students to gain a quality education and graduate and play a critical role into the success of VSU. At Valdosta State, a trend found within our retention is that most students who choose to leave VSU, do so because of financial reasons. Whether HOPE does not cover all of the tuition and boarding costs, a student needs more time to pay tuition, or a scholarship expires at the four year mark despite the need for funding for a fifth year, Valdosta State University places the student's and their needs first. Due to the generosity of our donors during the course of the Invest, Ignite, Inspire campaign, VSU has been able to award over $1,000,000 dollars in scholarships to students. The support that has come from our alumni and friends for scholarship support has been transformative and will continue to place Valdosta State University as a leader in Higher Education.