Programmatic Opportunities

Goal: $10.25 Million

"We must always be innovative in our approaches and must constantly examine what we do to improve the outcome we have with our graduates. We must strive to assure we are bringing students to higher levels of learning."

— Dr. Brian Gerber, Interim Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs


  • VSU seeks to invest in new opportunities and technologies in the classroom to assure its students are not only prepared, but prepared to excel. 


The current opportunities identified to strengthen existing programs and create new ones will improve overall student success and include:

  • College Excellence Funds: Funds that will provide spendable income to the academic leadership of each college to allow for programmatic and operational enhancements designed to capture the imaginations of our students and our community. 
  • Southeastern Center for Education Innovation: A center that will focus on developing innovative approaches to creating more productive learning outcomes in K-12 education and teacher preparation.
  • Marketing Resource Lab: A lab that will allow the newly created Department of Marketing to provide experiential learning opportunities through consultation projects with the local community.
  • Center for Experiential Learning: A center that will enable students from a variety of academic disciplines and colleges to engage with members of the community to achieve learning outcomes in a real-world setting.
  • Center for Business Engagement: A center through the Langdale College of Business Administration that will expand its reach throughout south Georgia and north Florida by providing a wide array of business consulting services to the greater business community.
  • Center for Global e-Learning: A center that, through traditional on-line teaching and prior-learning assessment, will be a leading resource for adult learners in Georgia, the southeastern U.S., and beyond.
  • Center for Healthcare IT: A center in the Health Sciences and Business Administration Building that will seek to develop new programs in healthcare informatics and other areas of the exploding healthcare IT industry.


  • Resources available through this campaign will support VSU’s vision to be innovative, creative and at the forefront of higher education.