Faculty Enhancements

Goal: $9.6 Million


  • As the landscape in the classroom evolves – with increased use of technology, the discoveries of new collaborative teaching models, and the need to create expanded opportunities for students – dedicated resources for faculty development become critical.
  • Increased faculty support enables VSU to recruit and retain high-quality faculty, which raises the academic profile of the entire student body.


  • Endowment earnings for named positions will provide flexible funding that can be used to pursue passions in specific fields. 
  • Endowed funds will allow travel to national conferences for presentations of faculty and student research.
  • Such opportunities will impact the university as a whole as the latest and greatest methodologies will be brought back to campus.


  • Faculty research can be translated into products and services that improve the health and economic well-being for people and businesses locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. 
  • Faculty enhancements will assist VSU in becoming a dynamic learning-centered institution that drives the economics of the community and region.