Facility Upgrades

Goal: $5.9 Million

"Our student performances, productions, and research activities from the College of the Arts have a long history of success impacting diverse audiences. These audiences include future students, the university community, and community members from across the region. I believe it is time that the facilities where this work is produced reflect the high caliber products that come from our programs.”

Mr. Blake Pearce,
Dean, College of the Arts


  • An investment in facilities is an investment in VSU students and the institution as a whole. 
  • One of the largest areas of investment will be in the College of the Arts. 
  • Campaign resources will also provide media upgrades to existing classrooms that serve all disciplines.


  • The College of the Arts promotes an atmosphere of academic and creative excellence through student-centered, comprehensive professional and liberal arts degree programs.
  • Collaboration among the department, students and the community is designed to foster professional, artistic and cultural development throughout the region.
  • Upgrades to studios, practice rooms and performance areas will provide art students with a sense of pride as they will be able to showcase their hard work in state-of-the art facilities.


  • Not only will these facility upgrades serve VSU, but they will also inspire the community at large. 
  • The Department of Art & Design provides cultural enlightenment and enrichment through various outreach programs including exhibitions, presentations and conferences, workshops for art teachers and their students, and in-service programs for art educators.