Campaigns are about something bigger than ourselves. They are about investing in our students, transforming society, and ultimately living beyond ourselves. A comprehensive capital campaign offers the opportunity to move the university up in standing in the region, state and nation. This is good for our region, good for our students and good for our nation. Capital campaigns help us implement our vision.
— Dr. Hudson Rogers, Provost

About the Campaign

In 2012, at the direction of VSU President William J. McKinney, a strategic planning steering committee led the development of Valdosta State University’s Strategic Plan 2013-2019. This plan represents a commitment to the principles that underpin an innovative and engaged comprehensive university. Information gathered helped identify areas where the university’s talent and resources will be invested during this six-year time frame. 

In addition to a bold strategic plan, a new funding model is expected to place greater weight on measurable outcomes such as student retention, and graduation rates. This shift in funding strategy favors a more highly innovative university that is poised to take the steps necessary to control its own destiny. Valdosta State University is making the necessary choices that will allow it to thrive in a new era for higher education in Georgia. To this end, the university launched Invest. Ignite. Inspire. The Campaign for Valdosta State University. With a working goal of $53,250,000, the campaign focuses on five project areas: student enrichment, faculty enhancement, program opportunities, athletics excellence and facility upgrades.

Invest. Ignite. Inspire. is an opportunity to leverage gifts from alumni and friends in order to achieve the measurable success demanded by opinion and policy leaders. Every investment made through this campaign will contribute to increased student retention and graduation rates. More importantly, the impact of a more academically prepared student body will ripple through the communities we serve through increased engagement and collaboration on issues of common interest. Dynamic academic engagement will attract both highly motivated students and faculty who are determined to make a positive social impact through the academy. 

When we invest in our university, we ignite a passion in our faculty that inspires our students to strive for excellence. Says President William J. McKinney, “The Invest. Ignite. Inspire. campaign will be transformative for Valdosta State University. This campaign has the capacity to change our culture and secure the financial resources necessary to address our challenges. This campaign will change the mindset of the entire institution.”