What is YOUSucceed?

VSU’s YOUSucceed online option focuses on a student’s demonstration of specific skills or competencies. As compared to traditional courses, the YOUSucceed experience is not concerned with the length of a course, but rather with your ability to demonstrate mastery of course competencies. As a result, you can move forward as quickly as you're able to prepare for and successfully complete each competency’s mastery assessment, regardless of how other students are progressing. The mastery assessments are associated with prescribed learning experiences guided by a qualified Instructional Leader and a personal Success Coach. You're given credit for a course when all course-associated competencies are mastered.

Advantages to YOUSucceed

YOUSucceed allows progression that aligns with your current life. Your learning is personalized. No due dates. No schedules. No waiting for other students to complete work before you can move forward. Apply your knowledge and experience to progress faster. When necessary you can also work at a slower pace to master more challenging material. Authentic assessments give you real-world experience you can use to advance in your current career or begin a new career path. Depending on your motivation and initiative, YOUSucceed may be a lower-cost alternative to traditional programs.

YOUSucceed Team

The YOUSucceed team is here to support you in the program. 

  • Your Success Coach maintains an advisory relationship with you throughout your enrollment in the competency-based program.
  • Your Instructional Leader serves as a mentor, addresses questions, provides feedback, and offers additional resources.
  • The Assessor scores the mastery assessment rubric and provides feedback.

Tips for success:

  • Verify your computer equipment and Internet service meet minimum technical requirements
  • Log in every day
  • Build a schedule and stick to it
  • Engage regularly with your Instructional Leader and Success Coach
  • Create a quiet study place
  • Seek support from your family


Find out if YOUSucceed is right for you.