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Hello guest, family members and cadets. Det 172 has put together this site to provide you with general information about AFROTC and this detachment. Feel free to browse this website. If you have questions or want additional information, please contact us as provided below. Thank you and enjoy!

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Cadet Accolades

Future Leaders: A Day in the Life of an ROTC Cadet

Air Force JAG Office Summer Internship

Reserve Officers Association Award:

   Gold Award (AS400): Cadet Richard Hunnewell

   Silver Award (AS300): Cadet Kyle Bragg

   Bronze Award (AS200/AS500): Cadet Gage TenHagen

MOAA Scholarship: Cadet Niya Daniels

AFA Award: Cadet Noah Coil

National Sojourners Award: Cadet Jasmin Solis

NDTA Award: Cadet Hanna Ritter

CFW Award: Cadet Ja'llen Ricks

Military Order of the Purple Heart: Cadet Bradley Joyal

Society Of the War 1812 Award: Cadet Gamaliel Vendrell

AMVETS Award: Cadet Ashley Casey

AFCEA Honor Certificate Award: Cadet Dallas Cook

Daughters of FPA Award: Cadet Austin Dunham

DAR Award: Cadet Bradley Joyal

MOAA Award: Cadet Michael Award

MOWW Award IMT: Cadet Rachel Stock

MOWW Award FTP: Cadet Shawn Yates

MOWW Award ICL: Cadet JoAnna Thomas

NDIA Award: Cadet Erinika Taliaferro

Scottish Rite SJ Award: Cadet Gamaliel Vendrell

SAR Award: Cadet Alexandra Alter

USAA Spirit Award: Cadet William Carraway

American Legion Awards

GME Award IMT: Cadet Logan Taylor

GME Award FTP: Cadet Patrick Muller

GME Award ICL: Cadet Justin Lewis

GME Award SCL: Cadet Matthew Dickinson

SE Award: Cadet Heather Marshall

SE Award FTP: Cadet Gamaliel Vendrell

SE Award ICL: Cadet Noah Coil

SE Award SCL: Cadet Jacob Pope

Order of the Deadalians "Gator Flight": Cadet Jacob Pope

Warrior Flight: India Flight

Honor Flight: Oscar Flight

IronMan Award: Cadet Michael Hollis

IronWoman Award: Cadet Erinika Taliaferro

Current as of 26 August 2016 

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