Master of Public Administration

Public Sector Human Resource Management

The Master of Public Administration Degree, a non-thesis program.  It is designed to prepare students for productive and rewarding careers in public service. The format of the program accommodates students currently employed in the public sector as well as students seeking entry-level positions. The MPA Program is designed to complement any undergraduate degree and is accredited by NASPAA (The Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration).
The MPA degree, Public Policy, and Public Sector Management concentrations are offered exclusively via the Internet. The Public Sector Human Resource Management (PSHRM) concentration is offered exclusively at the Moody campus.  It is offered face-to-face in an evening format for the convenience of military personnel and civilians at Moody AFB. Classes meet two nights a week for five weeks. Summer semester courses meet from 5:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. Fall and spring semester classes meet from 5:30 p.m. - 9:45 p.m. Classes are normally offered on a Monday & Wednesday but can be also be offered on a Tuesday & Thursday.
Students pursuing the MPA degree at the Moody Campus must complete 36 hours of course work to include 24 hours of required core courses and 12 in a concentration area approved by the MPA Coordinator. The 24-hour core includes PADM 7300: Foundations Seminar in Public Administration which must be taken in the first semester. Your final semester will require you to take PADM 7210: Internship in Public Administration and PADM 7900: Capstone Seminar in Public Administration. These courses serve as the exit requirement for the MPA program.
For a more detailed look at this degree, visit the Public Administration website or call (229) 293-6058.
Application Deadlines
Fall Admission - July 15
Spring Admission - November 15
Summer Admission - April 15

Additional Information
Because of the accelerated nature of the course work in the courses offered at Moody AFB an instructor may require that assignments be prepared in advance of the first class. Therefore, students must review syllabi well in advance of the first class and prepare any such assignments. Students are expected to attend all classes, arriving on time and not leaving until the class is completed. Students who have valid reasons for missing a given class should make arrangements with the instructor in advance. In case of emergency, a student is expected to inform the instructor and arrange for make-up work for missed classes as soon as is feasible. Students who wish to take a course in a semester in which they know they will miss some of the class periods must make acceptable arrangements with and gain the permission of the course instructor before registering for the course.
The MPA Coordinator is the advisor for all students pursuing the MPA degree at Valdosta State University. Any questions concerning the program should be addressed to the Coordinator. However, personnel at the Graduate School may also be able to answer questions.

Dr. Gerald A. Merwin
Public Administration Program Coordinator, MPA/DPA
Administrative Secretary
Graduate School