Education Specialist Degree

About the Education Specialist Degree 

An Education Specialist degree is an advanced terminal degree for students who want to further their education beyond the master’s level. Students who obtain an Education Specialist degree at Valdosta State University develop specialized skills within their areas of study and enhance their career possibilities.

The Education Specialist Degree at Valdosta State University

Valdosta State offers numerous programs of study that lead to the Education Specialist degree. Several of the degree programs are offered online, including the Education Specialist degree in curriculum and instruction with a track in exemplary teaching, the Education Specialist degree in teaching and learning, and the Education Specialist degree in instructional technology. The Educational Specialist degree in Coaching Pedagogy in Physical Education includes both online and on-site instruction, while the Education Specialist degrees in school counseling, school psychology, secondary education and educational leadership are traditional, on-site programs.


  • Education Specialist in Teacher Leadership (Ed.S)
  • Education Specialist in Educational Leadership (Ed.S)
  • Education Specialist in Instructional Technology Online (Ed.S)
  • Education Specialist in School Counseling (Ed.S)
  • Education Specialist in Coaching Pedagogy in Physical Education (Ed.S)

About the Education Specialist Degree Curriculum

Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction: Teaching and Learning – Exemplary Teaching

The Educational Specialist program in curriculum and instruction: teaching and learning with a track in exemplary teaching is for certified professional personnel who hold teaching (T) and service (S) certificates. The degree program prepares educators to meet the exemplary level teaching standards within the Georgia Framework for Teaching. The program focuses on several areas crucial for the development of exemplary teachers, including the continued enrichment of content knowledge and resources, ways to improve the learning environments, curriculum development and implementation, the use of data analysis to enhance school improvement and student learning, instructional strategies and classroom management. The degree is offered through Georgia ONmyLINE and is a collaboration between Valdosta State and North Georgia College and State University. Courses are taught by top graduate faculty from each institution.

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Ed.S. in Educational Leadership

The Education Specialist program in educational leadership equips students with advanced knowledge and skills and prepares graduates to assume active leadership roles in a variety of organizations. The performance-based program offers students the opportunity to continue to develop their knowledge and skills through advanced and specialized content that takes into account their leadership positions and career goals. Students may choose from one of two options: building-level leadership and system-level leadership.

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Ed.S. in Instructional Technology

The Education Specialist program in instructional technology is an online degree that emphasizes leadership development and applied research skills in instructional technology practice and prepares graduates to meet present and future technological challenges within an educational organization. The program includes two options in technology applications and library media, along with a certification-only program in library media. The technology applications option prepares graduates to be technology coordinators or instructional technologists in a variety of contexts, including public schools, business, industry, government, the military, health fields and higher education. The library media option gives students the opportunity to complete the coursework and internships required for initial media specialist certification while completing the Education Specialist degree. The certification in library media is available for individuals who have obtained a master’s degree or Education Specialist degree in another program area and are interested in becoming eligible for certification as a media specialist.

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Ed.S. in School Counseling

The Education Specialist degree in school counseling is designed for certified school counselors who seek additional roles as leaders and researchers in a school counseling setting. During the course of the program, school counselors develop advanced skills in counseling, consulting and research and enhance and advance their knowledge and skills in the areas of counseling, supervision, leadership, consultation, research and mental health care systems. Students in the program are required to satisfy all Georgia Professional Standards Commission requirements for certification as a component part of the degree program.

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Ed.S. in School Psychology

The Education Specialist degree in school psychology systematically trains students to become applied practitioners in the field of school psychology, as defined by the National Association of School Psychologists. Students gain knowledge in a number of psychology-related areas, learn to design individual and group treatment strategies, become proficient interpersonal communicators and amass an electronic professional portfolio. Students in the program are required to satisfy all Georgia Professional Standards Commission requirements for certification as a component part of the degree program.

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Ed.S. in Coaching Pedagogy in Physical Education

This rigorous academic program consists of coursework that is completed both on-site and online. The program is designed for coaches who want to develop new skills and reflect on their current coaching practices through a research curriculum. Students in the program perfect their administrative skills, develop a coaching philosophy, and learn about psychomotor, cognitive and affective development. The program is the first of its kind at the education specialist level to focus on coaching as an academic discipline. Graduates of the program are eligible for T-6 certification in the state of Georgia.

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  • Assessment specialist
  • Assistant principal
  • Athletic director
  • Curriculum development specialist
  • Education management specialist
  • Educational researcher
  • Educational resource coordinator
  • Human resources director
  • Instructional coordinator
  • Instructional leader
  • Instructional technology coordinator
  • Physical education specialist
  • Postsecondary teacher
  • Principal
  • Program evaluator
  • School administrator
  • School district administrator
  • Secondary school athletic director
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Student affairs administrator
  • Student personnel administrator
  • Teacher educator
  • Training and development specialist

*Some career possibilities may require additional degrees or certifications.

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