Professional Development Committee


Emily Rogers, chair; Steve Scheuler, Jessica Lee, Catherine Bowers


To identify and initiate staff programs and activities that support the fulfillment of the Library's mission. Committee sponsored staff educational opportunities, programs and activities will seek to promote professional and personal growth, a sense of community among employees, and formally acknowledge the extraordinary contributions of colleagues.


  1. To promote communication within the Library and with Library users regarding issues that may impact professional development and general productivity.

  2. To identify, assess, and prioritize the professional development needs as they evolve and are impacted by internal and external factors, such as Library growth, University growth, University requirements, advancements in information technology, and changing expectations of faculty, staff, and students.

  3. To formalize short- and long-term plans to meet the identified professional development needs.

  4. To coordinate and provide flexible educational opportunities to meet professional development needs and for personal growth of staff as individuals and as employees (e.g. promoting institutionally sponsored benefits workshops, health information programs).

  5. Sponsor community building activities that encourage productivity by fostering a sense of staff collaboration and teamwork, respect and recognition of the strength that results from contributions of a diverse work force, and that help to integrate staff into the larger world of the University campus and higher education, (e.g. convocation attendance, membership and participation in regional, state, and national organizations).

  6. Sponsor staff recognition and appreciation activities (e.g. annual Spring celebratory event).

  7. To evaluate the effectiveness of educational opportunities, programs and other activities as sponsored by the Committee.

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