All article requests are submitted on the online request form and are posted online for pickup in your ILL account. Faculty, staff, and distance education students can use the form to get articles from both VSU and non-VSU libraries. Students can get articles from non-VSU libraries.

Tips on Making a Request

Before filling out the form, check our Journals by Subject to see if your journal is available full-text.

Or an even quicker means is to paste the title of the article in the search box on the Library homepage; if it is full text, the article is usually the first item retrieved in the search results.

Log in with your Blazeview user name and password at:

If it is your first time, you will need to fill in an account form. Otherwise, you can go directly to the Article Link, and fill in the online request form. Be as complete and accurate as possible, since it speeds up the process of filling your request. ISBN, ISSN, or OCLC #s are a great help.

After filling in the form, click the “Submit Request” button. Fill out one form per article requested.

Do not put several items on one form. 


You may request articles directly from our GALILEO databases by using the Request this item through Interlibrary loan button. If an article is not already available full-text via a PDF link or a Full Text Finder Results link, then clicking the Request this item through Interlibrary Loan button will open a new window, and you can click on the “Request via Interlibrary Loan (ILLIAD)” link to log into your ILLIAD account, where the citation information will be transferred to the request form for you.

All you have to do is click the “Submit Request” button.

How Long Will This Take?

Requests supplied to faculty, staff and distance education students from the VSU collections usually take no longer than 48 hours, unless they are submitted on Friday or over a holiday. Copies received from non-VSU collections can vary, but the average turnaround time is running around 2.88 days, though some items that are harder to fill can take a week to two weeks. When the article is received, users are e-mailed a link to ILLIAD so they can log into their account, retrieve the article and either print or download it. This can be done from anywhere a user has a computer, internet access, a browser, and Adobe Acrobat, which means it can be done halfway across town or halfway across the world.

Limits on Requests

On occasion we may have to set limits or refuse to accept a request if it appears that filling the request(s) exceed the amounts we can afford to pay for copyright charges or if it would exceed Fair Use standards or involve a violation of Copyright law (Title 17, United States Code).