Odum Library User Experience Testing Plan

Goals and Objectives

1) To stay current with the needs and usage trends of the patrons of the Odum Library website.

2) To inform smaller iterative changes and larger redesigns of library websites and other web-based services.

Target Population

The students and faculty of Valdosta State University. 

Types of User Experience Tests

Tests include formal usability tests, focus groups, questionnaires, and other heuristic tests as needed. 


Odum Library will conduct at least one user experience test per year on the library website. This is subject to change due to circumstances such as a Campus Web redesign, where the new designs and content may take up to a year to be finalized.

Test Environment and Equipment Requirements

To prevent designer influence on the gathering of user experience data, Odum Library personnel will not conduct user experience tests for Odum Library websites. Equipment requirements depend on the type of test administered, but often will require computers similar to current library workstations, screen capture software, a camcorder, a web camera, and a microphone. 

Results and Recommendations Reporting

Test administrators will report results to the User Experience Testing Group, who will share the results with library faculty and staff. The User Experience Testing Group may share results with other departments included in website redesigns when necessary, including Web Services and Information Technology.