Reference Collection

General Information

The Reference Collection (RC), at Valdosta State University provides academic support to the University and the informational needs of the regional community. The reference collection provides immediate resources for short-answer questions, therefore, the materials may not be borrowed for use outside of the library.

The main components of RC are general and specific sources. General reference sources provide information in one source on a variety of topics. The World Almanac is an example of a general reference source. Specific reference sources are single topic fields. Black's Law Dictionary is an example of a reference source about one specific subject area, legal terminology.

Collection Development

To ensure the relevancy, currency and growth of the Reference Collection, collection management is imperative. Collection management may be defined as Collection Development, which encompasses numerous projects for development of the library collection. The projects are designed to:

  • Determine an acquisition policy
  • Assess the needs of users and potential users, such as collection evaluation
  • Identify collection needs
  • Provide collection maintenance, i.e. shelf reading, shifting and deacquisitioning.

Reference Collection Policy

Moving Reference Titles to STACKS or Reclassing Titles Within Reference

Requests to have titles moved from the Reference collection to the stacks, or vice versa, and requests to have material re-classed within the Reference collection must be approved by the Reference Collection Coordinator, and can only be referred to Cataloging by the Reference Collection Coordinator.

Reference Review of New Materials

Reference librarians review the reference titles which have been placed on designated shelves in the Cataloging Unit. The Reference Collection Coordinator informs Cataloging of the titles that have been approved to be cataloged for the Reference collection.

Loose-Leaf Services

The major sources of current reference print resources are Loose-leaf Services. Loose-leafs are serial publications which are updated, supplemented, cumulated and indexed by replacement pages inserted in binders. The Odum Library reference print resource collection has 61 loose-leaf service materials which include but are not limited to legal, business, and scientific updates.