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About the Space:

The Audio Editing Room is an easy-to-use audio production suite that is available for VSU students, staff, and faculty in good standing with the New Media Center. No audio experience is required to use this facility. A staff member will be available to assist you with getting started and answering any questions you may have about using the room. One common use of this space is Adobe Audition. For Instructors creating audio recordings see the steps below.

How it Works:

The room is really easy to use. A staff member will be available to help you get started. Follow these steps to capture your Audio.

Working with Adobe Audition:

  1. Open Adobe Audition
  2. Sign in with your VSU email (Use School Account)
  3. Click File>New>Multitrack Session
  4. Create your Session Name and then click Browse to choose a location you would like your files to be saved (USB or V drive folder is Ideal)
  5. Click Ok
  6. If you have any music or pre-recorded audio files you would like to use, click on File>Import>File (If recording without any music skip to step 9.)
  7. Find the file you want to use and click open
  8. Next, drag the audio file from the media browser to track 1
  9. To begin recording your voice on the Audio Board make sure the Left and Right Microphone are not muted
  10. Test your microphone to make sure you get a signal that does not go above the yellow line on the audio board
  11. In Audition, on the track you want to record on, Click the “R” to arm for recording (you should see a signal from your microphone on Audition
  12. To begin recording you can press the red record button or you can press Shift + Spacebar to start recording.
  13. To export your file, you click on File>Export>Multitrack Mixdown>Entire Session
  14. Name your File Name what you want it to be called
  15. Choose your location of where you want it to be saved
  16. Choose your format for your project to be exported as (we recommend Wave or MP3)
  17. Click Ok
  18. Save your work
  19. Click on Help
  20. Sign out of your account

You can continue this process as many times as you would like within the time that you have the room scheduled. Upon completion, seek out an NMC staff member for assistance.

Examples of Space Use:

  • Record Voiceover for projects
  • Podcast Creation
  • Develop your speaking skills
  • Audiobooks
  • Record Lectures
  • Create Music

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