Reserve Room

About The Space:

The Presentation Capture Space is an easy-to-use video production suite that is available for VSU students, staff, and faculty. No video experience is required to use this facility. A staff member will be available to assist you with getting started and answering any questions you may have about using the room. 

How it Works:

The room is really easy to use. A staff member will be available to help you get started. Follow these steps to capture your video.

  1. Plug in your jump drive to the computer
  2. Pull up your presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, or backdrop image)
  3. Click the record button on the keyboard
  4. Stand in front of the camcorder 
  5. Start presenting
  6. Click the record button again
  7. Safely unplug your jump drive

You can continue this process as many times as you like within the time that you have the room scheduled. Upon completion, seek out an NMC staff member for assistance with trimming or improving sound for your video. 

Examples of Space Use:

  • Practice a class presentation, thesis or dissertation defense
  • Create videos for online instruction
  • Develop your public speaking skills
  • Experiment with green screen technology to build visual effects in your own video
  • Interview an expert
  • Capture a vodcast


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