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About The Space:

The New Media Center Classroom is an easy-to-use classroom with 24 student stations and 1 instructor station available for VSU students, staff, and faculty. This room is also equipped with dual projectors. No experience is required to use this facility. A staff member will be available to assist you with getting started and answering any questions you may have about using the room.

How it Works:

The room is really easy to use. A staff member will be available to help you get started.

This room is controlled by Xpanel

  1. Double-click Xpanel icon to open Xpanel
  2. Click Power-On
  3. The Projector Screens and Projector will power on for approximately 20 seconds
  4. Select PC on the left of the Xpanel Screens
  5. Control the volume of your computer by selecting Up Down or Mute
  6. To hid the projected screen, click the On button in the Privacy Function area
  7. Select DVD on the left side of the panel to show a DVD
  8. When finished with the room Click the Power Off button to turn everything off

You can continue this process as many times as you like within the time that you have the room scheduled. Upon completion, seek out an NMC staff member for assistance further operating the room.

Examples of Space Use:

  • Teaching Classes or workshops
  • Viewing Videos
  • Quiet Lab Space
  • Organization Meetings
  • Training Seminars

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